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Hi, just wanted to reach out in case you were still interested in LootBoxes. I recently built a similar plugin for Atlas with an enhanced feature set. If you had any Q's I would be happy to answer.

I gotcha. Saw your mod actually, I like the aspect of having an actual box to place. I wish it were easier to do some kind of volume licensing or something through the forum as well, especially so in the case of Atlas. Did you make the mod?
Indeed - the atlas pricing system just seems silly to me considering most use multiple machines to host. Yes, i made the mod myself.
Well, it depends on what kind of machines people are using. I have noticed most VMs have the same hwid if they are on the same physical host. What kind of guides did you follow to get in to modding?
Good day OwnProx. We're looking to buy Advanced Chat for ARK from you. How do we donate to get it? Thanks!
is it possible to update your plugin for APi 3.0 ??
It would be great if you could specify which one you exactly need - but in general Im looking further to port my plugins over to 3.0 and ATLAS.
Hey, saw your server the other day and just recently saw you post on here. Did you by chance play on Official NA PVP on K6 for a while?

Also, I may be attempting to convert points.h so that I can get loot boxes working on ATLAS.
Wie kann ich dein Advanced Chat Plugin Kaufen ? oben sthet das ich keine Berechtigung dafür habe :/
How can I buy your Advanced Chat Plugin? above, I have no authorization for: /
Suggestion. The shop plugin already tracks player log time for points/time. Is it possible to add in separate rewards based on specific times? Example once a player hits 10 hours on that server they are rewarded with xpoints or xitem.