[Xbox] NEW PVP x10XP x5H Insta-tame server! (NO WIPES!)


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[Xbox] NEW PVP x10XP x5H Insta-tame server! (NO WIPES!)

Flawblade's beginner is an ark server for beginners to learn pvp.

There is unlimited weight, making it easy for you to move around even while carrying a ton of stuff.

Stuff like health, speed, and stamina have been boosted per level, making the server very beginner friendly.

But be carefull before you log out! Offline damage protection is turned off, so make sure you are safe when logging out.

After you have played for weeks, maybe even months. You dont want to lose all of your progress. That is why there are no wipes on this server!

Are you having trouble on the server or do you have any questions about the server? Dont worry! Just shoot me a message on Discord Flawblade#1640. I will get back to you as quick as possible.

Server settings: x10XP, x5H, x999T, 10x hatch, 12.5 mature.

If you want to join the server, just search: Flawblade in the search bar at unofficial pc servers (for the people that dont know, xbox can also join pc servers if the server is hosted on windows 10)

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