(Xbox) Ark Ages: Progressive Timeline Role Play Server

Welcome to Ark Ages!

A progressive timeline Role Play server on Xbox.

That means that we go through 7 seasons all representing different points in time, going from the most primitive early settlements to medieval to modern and ending in the future.

You write your own story here; we give you a staring point and you take it from there

Join in on the fun by starting your own business or ranch, joining law enforcement or military, or live on the wild side and go against the grain being an outlaw. There’s something for everyone!

As the seasons progress, you’ll see new inventions and innovations hitting store shelves that go along with the era being played. Dino’s will increase in strength and new threats will arise.

Think you’ll get bored playing the same map for so long? Join an expeditionary team and discover new lands to settle. (New maps being clustered as we move along)

Find out more about the story-line and roles by joining our Facebook page or Discord and we’ll see you at launch on April 28, 2019.

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