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OverPowered is an established Atlas community that just expanded to a 6 x 6 grid. Interested in owning your own private island? Want to avoid grinding for resources? Want to belong to a fun and stable community that has an experienced Admin Team? Come and experience the pirate life!

Server Info:

Server Name: Wipe2/16-OverPowered-6x6-PvPvE-ORP-Quests-Mods-Plugins
Steam Direct Connect;
PvE: steam://connect/
PvP: steam://connect/
Vote for the Server: Earn points by voting for the server and claiming your vote in game.
Mods List:
OP Shop: Earn points during game play and from voting for the Server to spend in the shop. Donations are welcome. Purchase your own private island here.
Live Map:
We have 3 zones on our map now. PvE (A, B), PvP Low Risk (C, F), PvP High Risk (D, E).

Global Rates;
Experience: 25x
Taming Speed: 25x
Mating Interval: 25x
Egg Hatching: 25x
Baby Maturation: 1x (to allow for imprinting until the devs fix it)
Imprinting: 2x
Boosted both player and tamed stats.
150 player levels total without discoveries.
Structure placement collision has been turned off, this allows you to build more freely.
Forced structure locking to prevent stealing in PvE zones.
Vastly increased resource respawn speed.

PvE Rates;
Harvest: 20x
Max Wild: 30

PvP Low Risk Rates;
Harvest: 25x
Max Wild: 45
ORP: 30 Minutes
Higher quality treasure & floatsam
Harder ships of the damned

PvP High Risk Rates;
Harvest: 30x
Max Wild: 60
ORP: 60 Minutes
Even higher quality treasure & floatsam
Even harder ships of the damned

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