[Unmaintained] ARK Cross Server Chat

[Unmaintained] ARK Cross Server Chat 2.02

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So ive been using this plugin here: https://arkserverapi.com/resources/cross-server-chat.65/
and i have a pretty bad issue. long messages crash my maps. 2-3 maps crash (not the map the message was sent on) when a long message is sent to all servers. if a long message is sent in tribe its fine... so anyway that developper doesnt seem to be helping with his plugin... i see this plugin here has open source... so i set it up in my visual studio... and im having an issue to compile it...

see my post on this page from the github
for more info

im having a config issue with its current state.

id like to play around in the code of this plugin and see if i can fix it to my needs... and maybe learn to make plugins...

thanks for your help