The Iles of Ozoroth! A brand new RP server on Crystal Isles launching August 1st


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The Isles of Ozoroth - where guardians roam! Opens August 1st!!

The isles of Ozoroth is set on Crystal Isles and has the Crystal Isles extender mod which brings back the crystal and liquified (skeletal) dinos! Play any race you’d like and wield elemental magic!

Our lore:

Legend speaks of three guardians that watched over the world called Ozoroth. The Forest guardian, who nurtured the trees and wildlife. The Desert guardian that moulded the earth. The Ice guardian that sculpted the mountains and forged rivers and seas.
Many races prospered in the land each having unique traits and cultures, but they didn't always get along. Over time there were many many wars each one damaging the world in some way and in the end the guardians had to intervene. Sick of how the world was being treated they sought to cleanse it and rid it of the infectious people ruining it. The many races banded together to overthrow their guardian overloads to prevent their deaths, and they prevailed, were the guardians dead or just resting no one knew or cared but for now they are gone and the people rejoiced.

Upon the victory over the guardians elemental magic was released into the land and all the different races were able to harness it. Peace was born out of their shared victory, and long did it last. Ozoroth began to prosper once more. Trees regrow, the waters become clean, new species of animals are discovered and civilisations grow.

As time goes on generations are born and die the stories of the guardians of old turn into myth, and eventually stop getting told at all. The world has become cluttered and over populated and space is at a premium. There are many mouths to feed and tensions have boiled over into years of long war.
The land once again becomes ravaged, towns burned and many people and animals are killed. There are no real victories as each side suffered great loss and in the end the wars had no meaning or purpose and no one remembers why they were fighting in the first place. Ozoroth has fallen into chaos and disrepair.

All of a sudden a loud rumbling can be heard across the land as a large crack forms in the desert. What could this be?

Server rates:

XP - x3.5
Harvesting - x6
Taming - x9
Maturation - x10


Discord link:
The server is 18+

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