Submissive Iguanadon Ark Cross play Cluster | PvP | 7 Maps! | Valguero!

Hello Survivors!

Submissive Iguanadon Ark is very welcoming to new players, both Beginner and Experienced!

What we are striving for on this server is to create a long-lasting community for players to have fun and enjoy their future experiences here.

This is a PvP Purge server, meaning you can battle and raid to your hearts content striking revenge against all that attack you starting from Friday 3:30 EST- Sunday 3:30 EST.

Submissive Iguanodon is moderately boosted for players who like the grind, but also like a little boost!

We have active admins who do their best to make sure everyone is enjoying themselves whether it be events, helping new players, or just hanging with the community.

As someone who has been playing this server for months now, I'm sure you'll love it on Submissive Iguanodon Ark!

*Note - For more information PLEASE click the discord link down below to find out the server rules and settings, thanks!


Discord Link!

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