Simple UI for editting ArkShop config.json functional draft. So... its early, its ugly, and it only barely works. Should I continue to improve?


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I just hate staring at this .json file so as any good developer I spend a few dozen hours drafting a solution for a 2 hour problem ;)

What do you think? should I continue?

step 1) replace all of the content of the first big-box on the page with the contents from your config.json file
step 2) leave this box (tab) so my robots can think about it
step 3) made a few changes to the things you can in this draft, such as contents of exist kits, store items and messages
step 4) click "rebuild file"
step 5) copy the newly created config.json file contents from the big-box at the very bottom of the screen
step 6) replace your config.json contents with the newly generated content

enjoy, -ugh

Some of my other Ark nefarities:
Sample config.json for arkshop attached
Use at your own risk! I heard from one of the team that buying #13 comes in wild and angry (untamed), not to be performed in the middle of your base! hahhahaha



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This is something that would be amazing. I had considered it before, but I lack the programming knowledge to do it myself.

Edit: This thing absolutely chugs processing my huge shop file. XD
May I suggest allowing for more columns if the viewer has a larger screen? Or maybe widening the columns some? It also ignored some of my blueprint paths, though that could be user error. (I have used this shop file for a while now with no issues, but there's a lot of stuff so it may have just been missed)
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