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The Vision Gaming Network is a European based organisation, specializing on bonding people from various nations across multiple games, alongside large advanced and stable servers on multiple platforms. We have reliable and helpful staff that will aid you with any occurring issue whenever possible.
The network offers endless excitement and thrilling adventures. Our ARK server - for instance - has several game enhancing mods such as S+ and Automated Ark which makes building your base easier and simplifies some of the ARK crafting mechanics and hatching your own generation of dinosaurs. To top it all of we have a rare beacon mod drop on the server, that drops high quality materials such as mastercraft armor ect.
If you encounter any server related issues please contact an admin/owner on discord. Mod suggestion are welcome on our discord forum https://discord.gg/mQFSttw If you are seeking some good company feel free also to join our numerous channels on Discord, with either limited or unlimited space. In this way you can enjoy the community with your fellow friends while encountering new friendships on the ARK server.
The server itself is running on a powerful dedicated server so the performance is a lot better than your average ARK server, you'll notice that your average gameplay in ARK will be persistently higher and therefor feeling smoother, which in our opinion makes your gaming experience more vivid and easier to encounter an unexpected Carnotaurus around the corner.
The server has 12 mods you can find the list here https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1631484223We recommend you subscribe to these mods before entering our server, as this makes your loading time faster overall (but keep in mind your first join to the server will take a couple of minutes longer). The server settings are as follows 3x Experience. 5x Taming (due to higher dinosaur levels). 3x Harvest. 5x Egg hatch speed . 8x Baby Mature speed. We also have a few plugins such as TebexArk (donation plugin) and VoteRewards if you'd like more details regarding these plugins please join our Discord or Steam group.
Join our Steam group for live updates and newsfeed https://steamcommunity.com/groups/Vision-Gaming-Network Take a seat, tune into our gaming servers and enjoy your stay in the Vision Gaming Network.
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