[PvE][PvP] Ghost Division XP/H x3, T/B x10 - cluster - 5 maps - active admins

The Ghost Division

Forum, discord, TS3, friendly international community and active admins.​


The Island -
The Center -
Ragnarok -
Aberration -
Extinction -

► Breeding x10
► Taming x10
► Harvesting x3
► XP x3
► 5.000 Structure Limit
► 220 Player Levels + 30 Ascension Levels
► 150 Wild Dino Level
► +100 Dino Levels with XP
► All engrams learnable
► Fully customized loot drops
► Cluster wide Auction House
► Voting Rewards

Mods: steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=957314846
► Auction House + Dino Preview
► Resource Stacks 2.0
► Structures Plus
► Super Spyglass
► Platforms Plus
► Dino Storage
► TCs Auto Rewards​


Our PvP cluster is suited for all players that want to enjoy the benefits of two worlds; classic & arcade gameplay!
Let's face it, most PvP server suffer from imbalance and waste hours of your valuable time on unnecessarily long and forced fights that are meant to happen in minutes.
There is no challenge, a proper hit means next to nothing, everyone can just outrun a fight or even TP away, anyone can tame a low level dino and make it ridiculously strong which rejects the need for smart breeding or your small tribe is being raided by 20 guys... It's all about high numbers, not real skill!
That's no fun, is it?

Our concept combines the classic and harsh gameplay with the fun of fast-paced gameplay and being strong but not OP.
A good tame or blueprint are actually valuable and buffs mean something. Breeders are rewarded with animals that truly differ from the low level tames that just have tons of XP pumped in them.
Raids have to be well prepared, defense and dino level are tared and a player's mistake or your good hit has severe consequences. It depends solely on your skill and tribe's teamplay if you'll get rewarded or fail.
Last but not least, admins aren't playing on the PvP cluster, yet we give full support. This eradicates any fear of admins playing and abusing their powers.

Each server is part of the PvP cluster that includess all official maps and allows you to travel from each server to the others:
►The Island ►The Center ►Ragnarok ►Aberration ►Extinction

Server Settings:
► Small tribes: 6 members
► No official alliances
► Taming & Breeding x10
► Harvesting & XP x3 with custom level system
► All engrams learnable
► 165 Player Level: 135 XP level + 30 ascension level
► 150 wild dino level + TB + 125 XP level
► 150 turret limit
► 200 dino limit
► Adapted speed and crafting skill
► Custom Drops with increased BP chance
► More challenging bosses with the chance to drop 10% more element
► ORP active with a 15 min. cooldown
► Mods: S+, StackMeMore, SuperSpyglass, TCs Auto Rewards

Server IPs:

The Island:
The Center:

It's very important to us to provide the best possible gaming experience to all our players. Because of this we are using the best available hardware to host our ARK: Survival Evolved cluster.
We are running a maximum of 4 server per machine. Each machine has an overclocked i7-8086k at up to 5GHz, 64GB 2400MHz DDR4 RAM and 1x 512GB NVMe SSD.
Our DDoS protection is optimized for ARK: Survival Evolved, so our players won't notice any changes in latency if our infrastructure should be attacked.
This is important to us and our provider, so we all continue to improve it.


Our servers are hosted in central Europe but players from all around the world are welcome. We have no region restrictions. We believe in a multinational and multicultural community with respect for other nationalities and religions. This is what we demand from our players too. We want everyone to enjoy the game and company of other people and this is what we will always strive for!


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