(PC SERVER PVE) Come to across ark boarders cluster! We have 7 maps clustered with clustered chat!

6 servers are PVE. Then we have in the cluster 1 PVP map (Scorch Earth) you can take your dinos/players/items. We have 34 mods as the highest amount which is why we strongly suggest subscribing to the collection link below if you join on the servers and least amount is at 21 (the PVP map).
You can have as many op animals as you want, just need to use dino storage after 300. You can breed and claim reapers they survive to adults with s+ mutators to breed them. We are just starting out, but I tried to build a server with mods and maps that I noticed people wanted but never could get in a single cluster. Rates: Harvest Rate 5x, but for first week of running will be 10x, mature rate 20x, tame 30x, hatch 30x, XP 10x, Rates may rise. Max player level 1030, maxed wild 150 (however not by any means nerfed, and don’t think people would ever want them higher in the wild as they are hard not torpor wise, but health and damage and you have to work to breed your dinos in order to survive quicker.) You can breed every 2-6 hours, and food consumption is low for babies. We have events, and active admins and server owner, and no lag other than with a quick save every 15 minutes. We also never wipe the server.

Ragnarok: aabs.ddns.net:27015

Island: aabs.ddns.net:27033

Crystal Isles: aabs.ddns.net:27021

Aberration: aabs.ddns.net:27018

Valhalla: aabs.ddns.net:27030

Extinction: aabs.ddns.net:27024

Scorch Earth: aabs.ddns.net:27027 (PVP)

Discord: https://discord.gg/ZqscNCW
Mod Collection: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1598499054

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