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I have read every page of his discussion and I'm still not having any success with it working. I use Host Havoc and have successfully gotten the folder to the correct locations on both servers through ftp transfer.

These are the current settings I have


Based on the fact that I'm seeing

05/02/19 10:20 [RconCrossServerChat][info] Rcon Server Added.
05/02/19 10:20 [RconCrossServerChat][info] Rcon Server Added.
05/02/19 10:20 [API][info] Loaded plugin RconCrossServerChat V1.7 (Cross Server chat using RCON)

in my logs, it appears that it's working correctly, but when I send a message by using the enter key, there is no indicator that the message is broadcast to the other sever. I would think it would show The Island or Scorched Earth next to my name or tribe-name when sending the message from the respective maps. The server is hosted through hosthavoc and they use a windows based server to my knowledge, and I have already ensured that I'm using the UTF-8 format that others had overlooked, and I would have too, had I not read every message in this discussion first. Any guidance would be very much appreciated.

P.S. RCON for the servers have been verified to be 27057 and 27066 through the gus.ini

P.P.S. I have also tried changing the CrossChatKey to "TinyTribes" as that is my server name and was thinking maybe the CrossChatKey wasn't actually a button to press but a unique modifier value.

EDIT: I have had it correct this entire time, but you have no way of knowing that it works unless you have other players on the other server to verify, and I was self testing... Super easy to install!
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