[OC]Heavens Gate [PVP]All Map+ Cluster 20x InstaTame


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Heavens Gate PVP

Ragnarok, Center, Island, Valguero, Scorched Earth, Genesis, Aberration, Extinction
We are a newish server looking for a good player base to come join and play with us. We have a nice Discord community and our player base is steadily growing. We are an [OC] server with players from all different nationalities. Americans as well as Oceanic time zones are able to smoothly play and make things interesting with the opposing time zones.

Heavens Gate servers are hosted and based in Sydney. We have active admins and moderators available at all times to help guide you with any questions or concerns. We have tweaked many of our server settings to make our servers as fun as possible without removing any tames. The server Discord is always open for players to vote and suggest on things we do in the server. We encourage any new players to join us in the Discord to find out more information on the servers and our team.

If you want to come and give us a look, please don't hesitate to join the community and show us your support for Ark.

Key Reasons to Join

  • NEW - features added that are community driven!
  • Loot drops and boss fights are all custom drops and contain everything needed to make it successful in the server.
  • We host events and give away prizes that sometimes include store credit for the server shop.
  • Cross Ark all 8 maps and easily transfer from map to map
  • Discord is Top Notch - Join us in Discord and feel at ease with our kind, always available, staff
  • In-Game ways to earn items from the store (collect bush berry seeds to use as currency)
  • Discord Mini Games (Come enjoy bot-commands, memes, and NSFW material)

Join us using the link:
Discord Link Click Here!
All you need to do is review and accept the rules and
you'll be a part of the community!

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