Oblivion PvP 25x [Rag / Ext][UK / EU][Shop / AA / ORP / Events & CustomDrops]


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A brand new Ragnarok Ark Server hosted in London with the latest configurations and mods.
The main purpose of this server is to provide a server for all types of players with easy rates and latest most favorited mods used among servers.

Server Info
  • Main Server Map: Ragnarok
  • Cluster Server Maps: Extinction
  • Experience Rate: 25x
  • Harvesting Rate: 25x
  • Taming Rate: 25x
** Note: Optimized Harvesting is enabled for server optimization purposes.

Player Stats
  • Health: 2.0
  • Stamina: 1.2
  • Torpidity: 1.0
  • Oxygen: 1.2
  • Food: 1.2
  • Water: 1.2
  • Temperature: 1.0
  • Weight: 25.0
  • Melee Damage: 1.5
  • Speed: 1.2
  • Temperature Fortitude: 1.5
  • Crafting Speed: 0.4
Tamed Dino Stats
  • Health: 0.2
  • Stamina: 1
  • Torpidity: 1
  • Oxygen: 1
  • Food: 1
  • Weight: 25.0
  • Damage: 0.17
  • Speed: 1.0
Other Configurations
  • Max Player Level: 150
  • Max Wild Level: 150
  • Max Levels After Tame: 100
  • Max Players in Tribe: 6
  • Max Bases per Tribe: 2
  • Max Tamed Dinos per Tribe: 250
  • Max TPs per Tribe: 15
  • Max Turrets per Tribe: 200
  • Max ORPE Terminals per Tribe: 2
Breeding Multipliers
  • Mating Interval: 1.0
  • Egg Hatch Speed: 20.0
  • Baby Mature Speed: 15.0
  • Baby Cuddle Interval: 0.04165
  • Baby Food Consumption Speed: 1.0
Mods Installed
  • HG Stacking Mod 5000-90
  • Structures Plus (S+)
  • Automated Ark
  • Classic Flyers
  • No Replacing during Raids
  • Offline Raid Protection Evolved (ORPE/OBPE)
  • Awesome Teleporters!
  • Awesome SpyGlass!
  • Better Reusables
  • Editable Server UI (WBUI)
  • TCs Auto Rewards
  • OSM Admin
  • Survival Zone - Random Box
  • Auction House
Shop System

This server uses the TCs Reward Vault in replacement of the Shop Mod from the Ark Server API.
It has a nice Graphical User Interface and users can see their own earnings and packs available from one window.
No need for any commands to be entered. Easy to use and Items and Dinos have their thumbnails shown, which is very attractive.


1. Admin Raid Base Event

This is an event where admins will build a base with varying difficulty and location and players are free to raid it when ever they want to claim the reward that is held inside.

The difficulty of the raid base and the number of turrets / dinos in it will vary after each successful raid.
The rewards will be based on the difficulty. Rewards may include armor sets of high quality, weapons of high quality and some blue prints of either armor / saddle / weapon.

Till the raid base is raided (rewards looted), the admins will not interfere with anything related to the raid base.

  • No structures will be repaired
  • No dinos will be added
  • No ammo will be added

*** However, if a raid base is not touched for sometime by anyone, the admins will redistribute the REMAINING ammo to all the REMAINING turrets.

2. Death Match Event

A Death Match Event will take place at random intervals. A minimum of 3 players will be required to start the event.
Once a match starts, the participants will be ported to the Death Match Arena. A random set of gears and weapons will be selected and given to each player.

Last man standing wins the event and rewards are given at random.

*** You have to be naked without gear/weapon/inventory to join
*** You cannot join an event while mounted

3. Maze Runner

A maze will be build by admins for players to finish it.

The maze will have dangers inside and cave drops placed inside.

There will be only one exit and who ever finishes will receive the final rewards.
After a maze is completed, it will be made again different with varying dangers and rewards.

Steam & Discord Link
General Rules
  • No hacks, bots, exploits or any other form of cheating.
  • Strictly no under-meshing.
  • No raiding a base over and over again, 3 days given for rebuilding.
  • No excessive damages / dino killing.
  • No building random turret towers in the forest and spawn areas.
  • Two bases per tribe. This includes all dino pens. Any extra base found will be deleted without notice.
  • No placing structures for no other purpose than to disallow building there
Building Prohibited Areas
  • Player spawn locations.
  • Entrance to caves with artifact / loot crates.
  • Inside caves with artifact / loot crates.
  • Obelisks or their respective crater.
  • High resource spawn areas/caves.
  • Up in the air.
  • Wyvern egg nests, scar or wyvern cave.
  • Surface and entrance to surface.
General Guidelines
  • This is a PvP Server. Do read the rules and follow them.
  • If you have a complain of someone or a tribe going against any rules, be ready to provide the proof.
  • If you have any suggestions or want certain things to be changed, go to the discord suggestion channel and post them there.
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