Modded PC ARK Server! NEW long term no-wipe


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This is a newly opened server with lots of space and very few players at the moment! It's boosted to save you lots of time and not have to grind so hard. Tames and level ups are instant once you apply the proper taming method! It's called FantasyArk because every creature from the game is on this particular Ark! It's a great way to enjoy the Abberation, Scorched Earth, Tek, and 100% original Specimens of Ark all at once; on the largest map Ragnarok. The main mod like most adds a smithy to the game so that everything is available, including plant z. It also adds the abberation creatures! A heads up would be, if you're in a dangerous area to plant lots of Plant Z around your base, or tame lantern pets! The light they give off seems to help a lot. The nights are boosted and go by fairly quickly too! Your player stats are boosted, so you get a fair amount more toropor per level you invest into it! Ragnarok is very hot and cold in some areas! There are 2 admins that are very quick to respond about any issues! Currently there is no demolish timers, so if a player goes inactive for a long period of time they won't have to worry about being demo'd unnaturally. There is no offline raid protection and no pve protection. Most people are friendly, I like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt! For imprinting you seem to need the nanny she will give the dino's 100% imprint!

When first joining the server it will download the mods for you! You also are able to download them yourself through the steam workshop, under your profile in steam. The first time can be frustrating for some people as it downloads them and you get timed out from joining the server. However you can just close and re-open the game until it's done downloading. It's the same for all servers that have mods. The best way for me is to add this servers IP address in Steam through the menu bar by clicking--->View---->Servers---->Favorites----> and last its in caps on the lower right corner--->Add a server. This is where you can paste in the IP address listed below, and once you open Ark, it will be in your favorites in game. Just be sure not to have the search limited to PVE or a different map for example. Hope to see some players join!

Server Info Below

Server name: FantasyARK:50xall,NPCs,S+,ClassicFliers,Medieval
Server IP:
Server Location: Canada
Map: Ragnarok
Mods: 10 (list below)
Max Player Level: 105 - Boosted Stats
Engram Points + 11304
Max Basic Wild Dino Level: 150 - Once tamed they recieve boosted stats, & all level ups!
Rates: 50x all
Water/Food drain is much slower :) no need to level up :)
Goal: Long Term, No Wipe Server -->can join the server form here

MODS/Mod List:
Cross Abberation - Tame a lantern pet (or many) to keep Reapers/nameless, etc from spawning in the area.
Classic Flyers - Get around the largest map super fast!
Structures Plus (S+) - Every structure has a S+ version that you can pick up and place back down.
Advcanced Rafts - Allows you to make serious boats!
Simple Humans
Medieval Structures - Never used it but is pretty cool!
Medieval Props - Adds 100 props to your theme!
Human NPCs - Small bot tribes! I heard the humans can be tamed :S
Cute Hair (v6.1)
HG Stacking Mod 5000-90 V283.1

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