KWUO PVX No Mods/No Wipe, 3x/4xWKD, Cluster, Vanilla, Events, Partial ORP


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[PC] 5x Map Cluster! PVX! (PVP with PVE safezones for trading etc.) Admin logging enabled :)

Vanilla with sparkles :3 (No mods, no wipes, low multipliers.) No OP settings - Item, character, dino levels and stats are clamped to official settings. No dinos past 500.

Very few rules - Play how you want (mostly general Wildcard rules, a couple of basic rules to protect server stability and plugin (safezones & ORP) specific rules).

2x structure autodestroy (no decay timers show on structures) and no dino decay (they will still starve to death eventually) - Nothing worst than going on holidays to come back to everything decayed.

Structure decay timers are... 8 days for thatch/small utility structures, 16 days for wood, 24 days for stone, 32 days for metal, and tek for 70 days. Dinos will normally starve out in about 2-4 weeks depending on their food values etc. :)

All raid damage types are displayed in tribe logs, e.g. no hidden c4 raiding, the raided tribe will know who it was. Tribe rename and member cooldown. Obelisks & terminals have an 8hr upload timer to prevent/reduce players living in upload. Alliances are on. No titan transfers.

Autosaves every 15 minutes with server backups daily at approx 3:30am US EST time (I say approx cos Im from Australia so not 100% sure if the time is spot on.)

Max wild dino level is 150 (OverrideOfficialDifficulty=5.0 and DifficultyOffset=1.0)

- Weekdays - 3x breeding, taming, harvesting & xp gain.
- Weekends - 4x taming, harvesting, xp gain & 120% loot quality.
- Events - 5x with some extra sparkle (custom loot drops etc!)

Partial ORP (Offline Raid Protection) & PVP Cooldown:
- 30% dmg reduction on structures and non passive dinos while offline.
- 70% dmg reduction on passive dinos
- 2x turret damage.

API/Plugins include:
Make Ark Great Again (ORP protection), Safezones (PVE Safezone), Weekend Rates

Our current maps on the main cluster are:
Ragnarok: steam://connect/
Extinction: steam://connect/
Valguero: steam://connect/
Crystal Isles: Coming soon... hopefully... it is Wildcard so we shall see xD

We also have a rotational map which is part of the cluster but wiped monthly both to provide a fresh start for PVP funsies xD And so bosses etc. missing from the main cluster can be completed. This server has 4x T, B, H, & XP but no events or plugins :)
Rotational Map: steam://connect/

Join the discord to find out more (or just to pop in and say Hi xD):

- ShinsaiX :)

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