How to Make an AFK Channel in Discord


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Why do we create an AFK channel Discord?

Discord servers are basically created for the specific community like gaming, business, friends and relatives.

But sometimes users in the server go AFK (away from keyboard) and then they won’t be back for a very long time or they just completely forget about it.

We think that they’re in there or in the voice channel but actually they are not. So what we need to do is create an AFK voice channel that will automatically send people to afk if they haven’t talked into their mic for a certain period of time.

Benefits of creating AFK?
  • You can easily filter active members on the servers
  • People who are not serious such as lurkers will automatically shift to AFK channel as they are rarely active and mostly focus on Discord GIFs
  • Discord server may slow down or become unresponsive if there are excess members. As we know there are many members who are not active, moving them to afk will reduce the members and of course the server performance as well.

Let’s see how to create AFK channel discord

  1. Open Discord Dashboard
  2. Hover up to the Discord server for which you want to create an AFK channel
  3. Now Click on the dropdown beside to server name and choose to Create Channel
  4. Click to read full steps for how to make an afk channel in discord

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