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Welcome to ark survival evolved servers! We're OG for a reason! We offer some high-quality ark survival evolved servers and community compared to our competition! We believe very strongly in building a safe clean community that everyone can enjoy! We have custom coded plugins being developed that no other ark survival evolved server will have to offer! Come check it out and see what you think!

Server Details:
  • Rated #1 On Reddit!
  • [United States]
  • [Military Veteran Program]
  • [Low and High Rate Servers]
  • [New Player Protection]
  • [Offline Raid Protection]
  • [Dedicated Staff Team]
  • [Weekly-Monthly Giveaways]
  • [Rewards by Playtime]
  • [EXP Boost and Perks]
  • [YouTuber - Twitch Program]
  • [Amazing Mods]
  • [Balanced PVP System, Anti-PopCorn Loot]
  • [Monthly Wipes]
  • [Unlimited Respecs]
  • [Earn Lootboxes and Points by Playing]
  • Military Veteran Program:
    • Unlike other servers, We want to give back to the community and people who have served in the military! We reward military vets for playing on our server. They get a custom rank in discord and a custom rank in the game. This rank in-game will give you a special coded loot box that's special for the military rank.
    • Many vets suffer from PTSD and Panic Disorder coming home from the military, We have backgrounds in psychology and we understand that mental health is a grave matter and studies have been done stating video games can provide some sort of relief for PTSD patients. As a result of this, we want to promote positive and provide a system in place to award our vets and offer them something cool.
    • You won't find any server out there that offers what we have with such dedicate care and passions in gaming.
  • GamingOGs Boss Battles:
    • We have created an insane plugin very complex and advance it will redefine how you do boss battles in Ark! Our boss arenas allow you to do waves of boss battles and earn points by killing each dino/boss and earning loot boxes by winning the battles. You work together to fight bosses in waves and you have a max life of 2. BossBattles also have a custom lottery poll system by entering into a custom boss battle you can buy lottery tickets and earn points/gamble points in the boss battle. Earning upward of 10% of what you put into the lottery poll.
  • Automated Arena Events:
    • Massive PvP arenas
    • Massive dino fighting arenas
    • Earn rewards by playing in the arenas!
  • GamingOGs Casino:
    • Feeling lucky? How about using points to win a lootbox? Type /gamble LootboxName
  • DailyRewards:
    • We offer a very high-quality plugin that allows you to earn daily rewards by playing on our servers.
    • Earn lootboxs by playtime
    • Earn points by playtime
    • Earn exp boosters by playtime
    • Earn ranks by playtime
  • RankUp Plugin:
    • We are proud to announce you can earn custom ranks in the game by playtime. Each rank unlocks special reward items and tiers. You get rewarded simply by playing on the servers!
  • Blessing Program:
    • We are the first server to launch a program created for everyone on the server. At the end of every month, we give away $50-$100 USD GIFT CARDS that work in our donation store to give back to our community.
  • FreeVIP:
    • Everyone who plays on our server can earn FreeVIP rank!
  • Custom Home Teleport System:
    • /addhome NameOfHome --Will create a home tp spot for you. Must be at your home base.
    • /removehome NameOfHome
    • /listhomes- will list your homes and names
    • /home NameOfThatHome -- Will teleport you. You will be frozen for 20 seconds.
    • 2 / Person allowed, cannot teleport near enemy structures, 20sec delay on teleport
  • Custom Coded Shop system:
    • In-game shop with points and loot boxes, earn them by activities or donations to help keep the server going and get more unique features added.
  • Loot boxes Info:
    • Our lootbox system allows anyone to earn them by playtime or by donating. You can also earn them by voting for the servers!
    • Over 30,000 different choices of rewards
    • Balanced for PvP and PvE
  • Player Protection:
    • You and your tribe mates automatically get structure protection that lasts 48 Hours, meaning no damage can be taken. Open world PVP is allowed, But structure damage is prevented within the 48 hours!
  • Kits:
    • We offer some very awesome kits for everyone!
  • Kill Feeds:
    • Our KillFeed will allow you to use our discord to check your in-game kills and to check the top leaderboard for the most kills on the server. No other server has this but ours!
  • Raidable Admin Events:
    • Custom admin events that pirates can raid and attack each other for amazing loot!
The full list of all features/settings is available on website/discord.
Website/Discord Links
Direct Connect to Servers:
PvE Ragnarok = steam://connect/
PvE Island = steam://connect/
PvE Abb = steam://connect/
PvP Ragnarok = steam://connect/
PvP Island = steam://connect/
PvP Extinction = steam://connect/
Discord Link:


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