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Come join us in the Foppas Gaming community & help us grow!
Join us in Discord to reach out to our admins & get more information about our Community.

We have active and helpful admins that are very responsive through discord, and admin logging enabled in chat.

Our servers are hosted by the owner & are all located in Sweden with a gigabit fiber connection.
The servers are running with optimized server hardware & raided ssd's to ensure quality for your gaming experience.

We are constantly researching & developing new features to integrate in our servers so that we can give players a more unique gameplay & options without using mods.

ARK Servers:

---- Servers ----

Stand-Alone Servers:

  • Primal Fear PVP IP:
  • Primal Fear/Eternal PvE IP:

PVP Cluster: Dino,Player & Item Transfer Allowed

  • Aberration PvP IP:
  • The Island PvP IP:
  • Ragnarok PvP IP:
  • Extinction PvP IP:
  • Valguero PvP IP:
PVE Cluster: Dino,Player & Item Transfer Allowed

  • Aberration PvE IP:
  • The Island PvE IP:
  • Ragnarok PvE IP:
  • Extinction PvE IP:
  • Valguero PvE IP:
---- Settings & Features ----

  • XP 2x (PvP: 5x)
  • Harvest 3x (PvP: 5x)
  • Taming 5x (PvP: 10x)
  • Dino Level 150
  • Egg Hatching 5x
  • Baby Mature 15x
  • Longer Spoiling Time
  • Longer Corpse Decay
  • More Player Inventory
  • Corpse Locator
  • Plugins:
    • ArkShop: Starting Kit - to get you started faster!
    • ArkCrossServerChat: Brings the cluster, even more, closer to everyone.
    • CustomChat: In-game help explanation of available commands
    • DinoTracker: Dino Locator to help you find your lost dinos
    • ImprovedCommands: Some general commands for dinos & breeding.
    • PlayerList: To see how is online with an in-game command
    • Private Messages: So you can send personal messages in-game.
    • Teleport: To help you and your friends to get faster together.
    • WeekendRates: Auto-magical controls weekend gather and taming rate.
    • Kill Feed: display kill information
    • Stats: Personal stats and Leaderboard.
      And more...
  • ARK Web Companion & ARK Bot Available for both PvP & PvE Thanks to @Tobias for an awesome job!
    • Personal login
    • Overview of Dinos and their base stats
    • Imprinting status and Alarm system
    • Overview of Crops & Generator
    • Overview of Kibbles and eggs
    • Your actual Tribe log
    • Crossover features to see the status of your base even when you're not on that server atm.
---- Dinos Settings ----
  • All Can Cuddle
  • Higher Base Speed When Tamed (PvE Only)
  • Lesser Stamina Drain
  • No Titanosaur
  • Custom Giganotosaurus Spawn!
---- Structure Settings ---- (Only on PvP)
  • Turret Limit: 75
  • S+ Tek Forcefield Disabled
  • S+ Teleporter Disabled
  • S+ Personal Teleporter Disabled
  • S+ Repair Gun Disabled
  • S+ XL & Large Wall Disabled
---- Servers Mod list ----
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