Cluster EU-ZucchiniUniverse-PVP - 3 maps - x10 - Mods/Plugins - AntiDDOS


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ZucchiniUniverse gaming community looking for load testing volunteers!

We are adding another map to our node001 to stress test capacity.

What do we have now:

Cluster: EU-ZucchiniUniverse-PVPVE
Maps: TheIsland, TheCenter & Ragnarok
Max Players: 100
Rates: XP/Taming/Breeding x10 - Resources between x2 and x5 (customized and in progress of balancing)

We have Shop, Ranks and Rewards (ARKServerAPI), ah and custom loot crates.
We have S+, Scuba Glass, Classic Flyers, Classic Glider, AmmoSwitching, Pottery and CuteHair.

Subscribe to the mods here:

We want to launch this weekend (Friday evening Switzerland time).

First 10 to join initially and stay for at least 2 weeks will be part of the Founders, with unique privileges (non unbalancing privileges, probably shop discount and unique skins).

Founders also will be considered strongly to shape the rules and gameplay of our Universe, as well as help deciding on how to setup the next nodes.

Besides the discord link, there will be a website for further information and tools, there a roadmap will be published as well with the plans at least 6 months view for the universe (what new nodes will be added, what type of clusters or standalone servers, new plugins that we are developing and improving in collaboration with the ARK Server API team, yeah Michidu, OwnProx and others expect some PR in a few weeks ;) ).

Our goal is to create a healthy community of ARK Survivors, everything is possible!

Hope to see you around!

P.S.: This is not just another ARK server/cluster, we take the fun seriously and security even further, even though we can't afford a professional anti-DDOS service (beyond what our hosting provides), we have set a bunch of network security features that should prevent 90% of most known attack types, so expect a quite reliable gaming experience! :)

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Dear Survivors!!

We have finally launched our new PVP Cluster!!

Initially launched 2 maps:
- TheIsland
- Ragnarok

Rates are:
x10 for taming and breeding
x2 to x10 for resources (detailed list will be published soon in our Discord)
Difficulty 7 - max creature lvl ~315
Loot also boosted!

Limited tribes and alliances (4 members and 2 alliances) to encourage fair PVP.

Offline PVP discouraged! Some rules customized for this and further more down the road in our roadmap.

Highly encouraged real PVP - Person to person, no killing creatures and no extreme raiding (i.e. wiping), a fair play will be highly rewarded, bullying and abusing and killing defenseless creatures, won't be rewarded (not thinking about implementing any punishment unless we observe abuse).

- Structures + (removed non recommended engrams for PVP)
- Classic Flyers
- Classic Glider
- CuteHair
.... what the heck just see and subscribe here:

- Shop/Kits
- Ranks (first 10 players staying will have a nice special rank and rewards)
- Economy / Trading
- and much more coming! (our discord will be updated with a roadmap while we carefully implement new additions from our test servers to the prod servers)

- Intended to be cosmetic rewards, make you unique, not powerful, we want to make a fair PVP server not a "pay to win" server (meaning pay with in-game cash)

Build your cluster:
- The more you play, the more you can get involved in the future decisions, we want to make sure the community shapes the game at the end and we implement it.

Please join us at:

Or directly head to the cluster:

steam://connect/ - Ragnarok
steam://connect/ - TheIsland

Feel free to leave feedback on our Discord, as every new launch there might be issues, apologies in advance!

Thanks and hope to see you around!!