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Hey guys!

So me and my buddy used to host a server on ps4 with a community page with over 150+ people. Now time past and we decided to step it up and take it to PC.
We are currently looking for serious players preferably 16+ to partake in our server as clan leaders. We plan on having 3 big clans that control most of the map and one area for the others who wish to do their own thing.
This is intended to be played as a PVP RP so if you are thinking of joining make sure you are capable of doing proper role playing.
We currently have included a few mods to help make the experience better for everyone.
Some of those mods include Human NPC, capitalism and a few more that make your life easier.
If you are interested in joining our server you can join our discord and send us a quick message or let me know below!
We are currently working on a website that should be up within a week.
Join our server right now with the following link:
Discord :

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