[ATLAS] PlayPortRoyal.com 5x5 PVP 8XALL+Quests+Shop [Dedicated Server]


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PlayPortRoyal.com 5x5 PVP 8XALL+Quests+Shop [Dedicated Server]

Port Royal is OWNED in-house and hosted on a c6220 blade server with 8 processors and nearly 400GB of ram to ensure the highest quality gameplay available. This means that we do not have any worries about the future of the server. As long as we have a player base, we will host it. We also have our own custom mod made specifically for Port Royal that allows us to modify the gameplay as we see fit. This allows us to give users features that are otherwise unseen on other servers. We welcome all players that are looking for a complete experience. Although we do have a shop/points system, Port Royal is NOT a play to win server. In fact, everything that can be purchased in the shop can also be purchased by utilizing our discord chat. You can play games, help others and simply be active within the community and use those points towards buying in-game items such as treasure boxes, shop points, VIP packages and so on. We do not have ANY PVE zones nor do we plan on having ORP. This is a PVP server - if you're unable to handle that - please do not play. We do have a rule-set that we expect each player to abide by and WILL enforce those rules accordingly to grant all players a solid experience. Admin command logging is turned on at all times, however, the admin does not play on the server. In fact, there will never be any admins that play on the server.

Rates: 8x ALL

Map: 100% custom, with all Power Stone islands, The Kraken, Ghost Ship, NPC trade ships and correct settings to emulate Official gameplay (minus the rates).

Website: https://www.PlayPortRoyal.com

Shop: https://shop.PlayPortRoyal.com

Discord: https://discord.gg/56Ck5SM

*Note* When you join the discord, you must click the "Welcome" channel, read the rules and then type "agree" in the welcome channel to see all of the other channels. Once you join the discord, click "server info" to get all of the connection info for the server.

*Another Note*: This server is brand new and still may have some growing pains to go through, please be aware that we are on top of every issue that may arise and will fix any issues as soon as they come to be known.

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