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Arkade is a new PvP server cluster dedicated to bringing the PERFECT Ark Experience! Can't stand the grind of Officials but still want the survival experience? Want the challenge of PvP? Arkade is the community for you! A newer Ark:Survival Evolved server (in our second month), we quickly moved to dedicated servers to bring you the fastest, smoothest gameplay. Launched Season 2 on 9/1, now is the best time to hop in the action. This season will run until the Extinction release in November.

6 Map Cluster - Make the most out of Ark by traveling to all official maps plus our awesome Event map! Come to Arkade to experience Ragnarok, Aberration, Center, Island, Scorched Earth and Event map. Hit up Island to do a Note run, get all your Steam achievements, and ascend your character through all Ark bosses to reach a maximum level of 134.

Arkade PvP Servers - 6 map cluster, including an Event Map
Why Arkade?
Arkade is unique in that we've got a passionate, experienced team who work together with our community. We have experience running large gaming communities and know how to run an Ark server. The Server Admins don't play, so we are unbiased and only work for the overall health of the community. We work on making fun and unique events, and on behind-the-scenes work, and tickets. Game Admins do play but are in separate tribes, they ensure we are always in touch with how the server is playing. All Admin commands and activity are logged and monitored to ensure no admin abuse. Moderators and Admins are in various time zones across the world so if you have an issue, someone can address it in a reasonable time.
The Arkade Staff has just the right balance of technical expertise to solve any issue, provide you with the smoothest gameplay, and provide a unique fun experience! The five official maps all have customized beacons, such as a certain color dropping primarily kibble, or perhaps artifacts/tributes… We've got unique features so you don't have to download extra mods to track down a dino, private message a friend, cross-server chat etc.. Arkade will provide a boost for starting tribes, a protection flag for post-raided tribes, and more.

Top of the Line Dedicated Servers
Our overclocked (I7-7700k 5.2Ghz) dedicated server is up 24/7, with a fast daily restart time in just seconds (2x 1TB NVMe SSDs) for a fresh wild dino wipe at 6am EDT. Ping is low across our main population base in North America and Europe. 64GB DDR4 2400 MHz RAM to accommodate the maps and population. We have an equally powerful backup dedicated server for testing and future growth. Experience Arkade's lag-free servers today!

Shop/Kits with Arkade Coins
Earn Arkade Coins just from playing on our servers to buy fun items in the Arkade Shop! Don't have a lot of time to play? Earn Coins just for upvoting us on ark-servers.net! You may also earn coins for certain PvP events.

Exciting Streamed Events
Our fun events include 5v5s, automated death matches, mazes, gauntlet, Pirate ship battles and more! Our Event map is configured to be unique and provide fair, balanced pvp. Events are streamed, and these are always so much fun! We also host contests, and other unique rewards such as Past Season Champions!
We have a custom built western town of Arkadia complete with tombstones of all our staff and Tribe Reps! Blow the town up in an event, no worries, it is saved and will come back for future events.

Fun Community
Join our active Discord Community with over 400 members where we interact with Survivors and encourage every tribe to help us plan the community by assigning a Tribe Rep. Every Friday we host a Friday Night Fireside Chat and about 30 people hop in to listen to Arkade's plans, give feedback and help us build the best Ark server ever! We highly value Arkade Survivors and most major decisions are run past the entire community to get a feel for what the server as a whole wants to see. Other important decisions are up to our Tribe Reps in which every tribe on the server is encouraged to have a Tribe Rep or two to represent their tribe. Returning champion tribes are given a Crown icon in Discord! Our new Arkade Guilded hub is where to check on special server Events, tribe safe tags, and more. We love our fun community! <3

Optimized for PvP
Settings and rules are optimized for balanced PvP, OP items are disabled (see our website for more details). We run only the most essential mods such as Structures Plus and other quality of life mods. We won't go overboard with mods, to ensure optimal up-time.

  • XP: 3x
  • Gather: 5x
  • Taming: 5x
  • Breeding: 10x
  • Max Player Level: 104; 134 (max ascension)
  • Max Number of Players in Tribe: 10
  • Max Alliances Per Tribe: 1
  • Max Tribes Per Alliance: 2
  • Player Fortitude per level multiplier: x2.5 (5 fortitude per point)
  • Unlimited Respecs enabled
  • All Engrams able to be learned
  • At level 100, learn all engrams in one command
  • Custom beacon drops!
  • Mating Interval: .5x
  • Baby Mature Speed: 10x
  • Baby Cuddle Interval Multiplier: 0.25
  • Admin Logging: Enabled
  • Third person: Enabled
  • Gamma: Enabled
  • Crosshair: Enabled
  • Show Floating Damage Text: Disabled
  • Show Map Player Location: Enabled
  • Spawn Animation: Disabled
  • Structure Placement Collision: Allowed
Mods - Subscribe ahead of time to our Mod List on Steam!
  • Structures Plus
  • Omnicular
  • Death Helper
  • Utilities Plus
  • Tribute and Element Transfers
  • Balanced Kibble
  • Cooldown Flag
  • Stacking Mod
  • Offline Guard System
  • Editable UI
Join our community today by hopping into our Discord and choosing your new home! We look forward to meeting you!
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