[9/20] Vanilla+ PvP 3xXP|7xT|5xG fresh wipe!


Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/01117BqiUvCRyDoRY
Website: http://dinofight.club/

Find your tames, view base stats and keep track of their food status. Get notified of pending imprints, the amount of fertilizer and gasoline remaining in your crops and generators. This and much more is available in your profile on our website.

Steam Group http://steamcommunity.com/groups/dfcark
Twitter: https://twitter.com/dino_fight_club

Come see why DFC has been around since the start of ARK EA and why we are still here! Come join one of the longest running ARK servers on the net and ENJOY your ARK play time!

Look for us on the in-game server list!

DFC Vanilla+ PvP 3xXP/7xT/5xG

or add to steam favorites: – RAG
Coming soon! – ISLAND
Coming soon! – Center
Coming soon! – Extinction

We offer you the Vanilla type of experience but with better rates and admins to take care of the trash! If you are looking for that official like experience but more amazing! Then come check us out!

  • Offline Raid Protection: Enabled (via ARK ORP)
  • Custom loot drops on all servers
  • Starter kits with /kit
  • Built in kill feed
  • leaderboard
  • Vote rewards!
  • Fog Disabled
  • Sniper kills can still be seen in logs
  • CD for Tribe name changes
  • Increased dino/player weight
  • Corpse Finder On
  • XP Multiplier – 3.0
  • Harvesting Multiplier – 5.0
  • Taming Multiplier – 7.0
  • Max Players Per Tribe – 12.0
  • Dino Count Multiplier – 1.2
  • Egg Hatch Speed Multiplier – 12.0
  • Baby Mature Speed Multiplier – 12.0
  • Third Person – Enabled
  • Show Map Player Location – Enabled
  • Food and water consumption halved


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