3/8[ARK] 6 Man Tribes! RapturePvP Cluster! JustWiped!10XP/H/T [S+,Stacks,..]


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Welcome to Rapture PvP/PvE servers!

Rapture PvP Cluster Settings & Mods
*6Man Tribes
*Experience gain x10
*Max Wild Dino level 150 (+150 Tamed)
*Max Player level 150 (+30 ascension)
*12 player tribe
*2 tribe alliances
*Allow flying stamina recovery
*Mating interval x0.25
*Egg hatch speeds x15
*Mature speed x30
*Baby food consumption speed x1
*Allow imprint by anyone
*Imprint stat quality x1.2
*Cuddle interval x0.1
*Cuddle Grace period x5
*Cuddle lose imprint quality speed x0.1
*Taming speed x10
*Harvest amount x10
*Resource respawn x0.5
*Resource Replenish radius player x1
*Resource Replenish radius structure x0.5
*Day Cycle x0.5
*Night cycle x0.65
*Night time speed x0.45
*Crop grow speed x2
*Lay egg interval x0.6
*Hair growth speed x4
*Structure damage repair cooldown 200 sec
*Cannot pick up damaged structures
*Allow unaligned dinos on flyer platforms
*Destroy unconnected water pipes
*Turret limit 150
*Structure Collision Off
*Player&Dino Weight stat per level x3
*Fortitude stat per level x6
*Dino stamina stat per level x2

Mod List
*Automated Ark
*Structures Plus
*Editable Server UI
*Utilities Plus

OGS Settings

*Shieldrange In Foundations 30
*Max Pillars perTribe 2
*Powerup Delay in Minutes 45
*Shieldopacity 1 (maximum)
*Decay Time in Hours 120
*Logging TRUE
*TribeLog TRUE
*Enter Notifications TRUE
*Can Toggle Turrets TRUE
*Dinos Take Damage TRUE
*Dinos Damage Reduction x4
*Structures Take Damage TRUE
*Structure HP Buff x5
*More Turret Damage TRUE
*Turret Damage x4

API plugins
*Ingame Shop
*Learn most engrams at lvl 100
*Passive points (10 points per 10 minute interval)
*Cross server chat
*Kill leaderboard + stealing points when killing people
*Ark Advert to push messages about voting

For balance reasoning and to reduce exploits, we've disabled the following!

*Tek ATV
*Flame turret (PvP)
*S+ Repulser Plate

Extra Info & links!

*__**Rapture PvP Discord invite link**__
*__**Steam Group**__

*__**PvP Cluster**__

Can't find the maps or the cluster?
1. Try to connect through <https://ark-servers.net/server/168561/>
2. If that doesn't work for whatever reason, copy the server IP that is listed either here on discord or ark-servers website. Open up steam, go to View -> Servers -> Add a server. Make sure the game is not running while you do it, since you need to restart to be able to see them.
3. If either of these steps does not work, please contact one of our staff by making a ticket on discord, see the add-ticket channel.
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