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Whether you're brand new to Ark, or a veteran with thousands of hours, we welcome you to join a fresh start on EXILES Ark, a small PVE cluster with a friendly and welcoming community.

EXILES is primarily geared towards players wanting to progress in Ark's storyline, but is also a place for users to build epic bases, breed that perfect dino, explore the various maps, set up storefronts or simply meet other players. We have moderately boosted rates but nothing too extreme. Admins are supportive and responsible, and vary in skill level as well.

We currently have 3 maps in our cluster:
🏝 The Island
💎Crystal Isles
🏜 Scorched Earth
The Island is 2 months old while Crystal Isles and Scorched Earth are new.

Additional maps in the cluster are planned as the player base grows. Admins are committed to keeping maps clutter-free, and there is still plenty of spots remaining to build that awesome base! NOTICE: Due to Epic Game Store not supporting mods, EGS players will be unable to connect to our servers.

We are currently looking for friendly and respectful players to join our growing community, and we'd be happy to survive the ARK with you!
To join simply click here to be added to our Discord!

Tired of rebuilding that same thatch hut over and over again? Head over to our Community Center on the Island, designed to help accelerate brand new players on the server by providing basic resources, crafting stations as well as taming tools to get a head start. All storage boxes and tables are unlocked, and are regularly stocked by admins. Check our Discord for more info!

Server Rates

Player XP: x2
Harvest: x3
Taming: x4
Crop growth & decay: x2
Egg Hatch Speed: x7
Egg Laying Interval: 0.5
Mating Interval: 0.1
Baby Mature Speed: x7
Baby Cuddle: 2hr cuddles
PVE friendly fire: off
Difficulty: 5.0 (Level 150 Dinos)
Body bag timer: 1 hour
Platform Max Structure & Bounds: x4

Server Bonuses

+ Community Center on The Island at 79, 36
+ Infinite pickup timer on all structures
+ All tribe members can do baby cuddles
+ Custom hardcoded stacks in the ini
+ Custom loot beacons & cave drops
+ Alphas & Bosses drop Glory Coins, Skins & Blueprints
+ Admin logging is enabled
+ No server wipes
+ Raid dinos can be permanently kept

Mod List
Click here to subscribe to our mod list on Steam!

+ Awesome Spyglass (allows stat reveals for wild dinos)
+ Kraken's Better Dinos (improvements and balances to existing dinos)
+ Shiny! Dinos (rare variants of dino spawns)
+ Dino Storage v2 (improved cryopods)
+ Super Structures (a fork of S+)
+ EcoGarden Decor (outdoor structures to furnish your base)
+ Eco RP Decor (indoor structures to furnish your base)
+ Castles, Keeps and Forts Remastered (beautiful architecture for building bases)
+ Capitalism Currency & Player Trader Tables (allows selling/trading between players)
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