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  1. captkirk1993


    Would someone be willing to make a plugin for customizing the weapon durability? Similar to this plugin...
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    Cross Server Chat

  3. captkirk1993

    Cross Server Chat

    Change the server IP address to<PORT>. See if that fixes your issue.
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    TheGamingLeague (TGL) - PvE [10xAlphas][3xTame][3xHavest][2xBreed][2xXP][Mods][PerStatLevel Multipliers]

    **ALL Servers wiped 6/22/2019** TheGamingLeague (TGL) - PvE [10xAlphas][3xTame][5xHavest][2xBreed][5xXP][Mods][PerStatLevel Multipliers] – (YES…10 times Alphas!) Servers are maintained using ASM. The only ARK server manager worth your time! steam://connect/ -...
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    Question Permanent titans and limit per tribe?

    I completely agree and would like to see someone create a plugin. Is anyone currently working on this?
  6. captkirk1993

    Solved Server Settings Report Plugin

    Could you elaborate on what you did? I would like this as well. Keeping in mind, I'm not a dev either, so the "Ark Server API code for DUMMIES" version, please.