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    Dedicated Servers other than OVH?

    that's so messed up scary stuff, such a shame but your health is what matters more i guess but such a shame and a really rare thing to happen it does quite seem like destiny, now im scared if my surge protector would ever be enough its a cheap one...
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    Dedicated Servers other than OVH?

    did you have surge protectors they are pretty cheap?, not sure if they would protect you against lightning though, the best hosting company is ovh can't recommend anything else if you want good support ect that's the place to be even though you said you dont want ovh
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    Advanced Chat - Advanced Chat 3.4

    Icons Fixed
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    Advanced Chat [Paid]

    OwnProx updated Advanced Chat with a new update entry: Advanced Chat 3.4 Read the rest of this update entry...
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    Advanced Chat - Advanced Chat 1.7

    1.7: Icons Fixed 1.4 - 1.6: Company name Fixed 1.3: Added Name colours back & compilied using latest permissions Added option to enable custom colours for tribe / alliance chat & Name and Dead Name colour - Check the default config file to see how Added BestPerformance option which toggles...
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    Advanced Chat [Paid]

    OwnProx updated Advanced Chat with a new update entry: Advanced Chat 1.7 Read the rest of this update entry...
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    Dedicated Servers other than OVH?

    its self managed hosting what do you expect, i had a service with them for 1 year did not have any issues but yeah if you do get issues hardware related im sure they will fix it within 48 hours (there response time can vary) but software issues is down to you.
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    Server Setup (Without Resellers, Better Performance, Save Money)

    always will still work. just dont try it with kimsufi website that wont work, you need to use rescue mode if you used there cheaper site.
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    Dedicated Servers other than OVH? are 2 of the cheapest i know. also at ovh you can get windows for free or use your own license that you acquired from some website for about 10 euros
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    Doc i was on holiday you single minded pleb, also everything you post is irrelevant none of your laws that you think mean something don't apply anywhere and actually my plugin is fully working and was updated over 2 weeks ago, why not pm instead of being a dick? also what makes you think you...
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    What is the recommended server host for plugins
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    Advanced Chat [Paid]

    why do you assume everyone's female that's sexist, i dont need to remove your posts i've proven most my points and anyone reading will notice that to and mainly just look at the other 8 pages of happy customers and just think ah it was bound to happen a salty customer eventually.
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    Advanced Chat [Paid]

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    Advanced Chat [Paid]

    I can assure you i was not online everyday are you on crack my status is offline 24/7 when im even online so how would you even know yet again your lieing, just compare my reputation against yours and think is anyone actually going to believe you also do you have a gps tracker on me so you know...
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    Advanced Chat [Paid]

    strange not to worry you can use this link: till it gets fixed, it may even be fixed by the time your reading this message thanks for your time.
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    Advanced Chat [Paid]

    why would i want you there when you act immature and annoy my other customers when i kicked you two 3 people personally thanked me for removing you two from the group, you already made a paypal case id rather refund with you and never have to deal with you again honestly and any future purchases...
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    Advanced Chat [Paid]

    ^^ such lies below you see they guy confirming the plugin is working and on the 17 of feb was his most relevant question so no there was 2 months of no reply are you dreaming?, also as you can see by the size of the scroll bar i even helped the guy loads honestly if you ask me hes just trying to...
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    Advanced Chat [Paid]

    can you buy it yet? sorry for any inconveniences i have recently come back from a 2 week break, ignore my previous customer hes a bit salty i guess he must have some childish issues at play and clearly can't count days / month's when you have as many customers as i do you find 1-2 salty ones the...
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    Vote Rewards - Vote Rewards 1.9

    Potential fix on failed requested (updated to the latest api which has a fix on the requests class) hopefully now all requests should now be received and rewarded
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    Vote Rewards

    OwnProx updated Vote Rewards with a new update entry: Vote Rewards 1.9 Read the rest of this update entry...