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    @DarkEmpire I'm getting the same Error while parsing json. I validated it the json coding, but still having the same issue as you were you able to figure it out?
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    Atlas Permissions

    @Michidu Would it mess up the plugin if I were to change the steam id column in the mysql DB from big int to text?
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    install Atlas Permissions need mysql?

    api will use sql lite its built in
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    Was pretty simple install. Thank you for the plugin. :)
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    install Atlas Permissions need mysql?

    You dont mysql is optional.
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    Atlas Server Manager

    I don't know what is up with 4.4 I've just been getting a lot of freeze and the manager doesn't close only crashes and on every atlas update I get this error message about the shootergameserver.exe crashing making me click ok to restart it. Hopefully another update is coming out soon :)
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    Atlas Shop, Currency & Kits

    json files also validate with a misplaced comma. I would check those also.
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    Atlas Shop, Currency & Kits

    He has MySQL set to true @portroyal Its because your SQL login settings aren't correct. I would double check them. What software are you using for the SQL server?
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    Atlas Shop, Currency & Kits

    you can do it yourself
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    Atlas Shop, Currency & Kits

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    Dedicated Servers other than OVH?

    I don't know how their support is.
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    Dedicated Servers other than OVH?
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    Atlas Shop, Currency & Kits

    Delete the price of the kit in the config. Just remove the entire line that says Price: Number.
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    Atlas Shop, Currency & Kits

    @Deviliath Check you dm's i sent you some info on how to fix it.
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    Atlas Shop, Currency & Kits

    The error is simple my friend. :)
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    Cross Server Chat

    I believe the creator said in a post the issue is with the game. Something along the lines of RCON's stability or async don't remember 100%.
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    Vote Rewards

    Set these values the same: "MinQuantity":3, //the minimum quantity of the item to give a player "MaxQuantity":3,//the max quantity, setting min and max the same value will result in a fixed amount If items X,Y and Z are given as a reward whats the chances of it being a BP 0 = Never and 5 =...
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    Atlas Shop, Currency & Kits

    the only way i can think of is not to put them for purchase and just give them a certain amount
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    Atlas server Connection Timeout

    it sounds like you have an issue with your json file with the config settings have you loaded it in the island editor to make sure everyting is good on it?
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    Dedicated server save help!

    it wipes them out and loads a default ini because theres something in the ini the game doesnt like. i would review the changes to made and make sure they are compatible with atlas