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  1. Tiamo

    Ark Wildcard Update 294.101 Just broke a plugin

    I came here to say the same thing. I don't think New Player Protection is working either...
  2. Tiamo

    Mutes & Blacklist & IP Ban

    This has been fixed, Wooly Penguin is the BEST!!!!! :love:
  3. Tiamo

    Mutes & Blacklist & IP Ban

    This mod has been working ok for us (aside from the random long chat bans given for no reason). However, the past few days we've noticed it not working for @everyone and @here - we used those specifically so people don't ping Discord, but they aren't working now. It could be that we just added...
  4. Tiamo

    Make Ark Great Again

    So far it seems like a miracle come true.
  5. Tiamo

    Advanced Chat [Paid]

    I've had the same issue with the latest 3.3 version, thought that was fixed. Local chat shows in global, but doesn't show in local. :LOL: I'm going to try "BestPerformance=False" and see if that fixes it.
  6. Tiamo

    Discord Integrator

    Oh sweet! Any chance of adding icons?
  7. Tiamo

    Shop, Currency & Kits

    I ordered mine like this, so the highest VIPs get their best reward if they purchased multiple tiers. They can still be in the Default group and have all those permissions, plus any other groups in which they belong. "Groups": { "VIP100": { "Amount": 40 }...
  8. Tiamo

    Advanced Chat [Paid]

    Hoping he sees this, I'd like to pay for 3 more servers. :)
  9. Tiamo

    Unicode Rcon

    This plugin would double our Battlemetrics RCON commands when we added points with the Ark Shop. After reading Sly's comment, I took a chance to remove Unicode plugin, and now all our commands work successfully. To be honest, I don't even know what the plugin did, lol. I think I know what it was...
  10. Tiamo

    Dedicated Servers other than OVH?

    Thank you to all who responded! I purchased a Nocix server, it comes with a free Windows 2012 Evaluation server. They do not offer monthly Windows server license like OVH did for $28 USD. Will we be ok with an evaluation license?
  11. Tiamo

    [ARK] AutoDecay

    We just had another base vanish overnight, and I know this guy was just working on his base yesterday. He did not rename his tribe or do anything weird. Does anyone know why an entire base and dinos would vanish, and kill the person too? @AdrianGaming
  12. Tiamo

    [ARK] AutoDecay

    If someone changes the name of their tribe, the next time they log in, everything decays and they are killed. :( This happened twice since we started using this plugin in the past month. Could there possibly be a fix for this? Also, what will happen if I just remove the plugin? We can't have...
  13. Tiamo

    Vote Rewards

    Just another bump, I would love this to be updated to the latest Ark Api. The new Vote Rewards plugin doesn't work on our servers and causes crashes. This one worked absolutely flawlessly. Will donate for a fix!
  14. Tiamo

    Dedicated Servers other than OVH?

    Yeah I'd love to do it. So you just find a local place that will host it? I don't want it at my house. It got hit by lightning the day we launched season 2 and most my electronics fried. Wouldn't want that to happen again, lol.
  15. Tiamo

    Dedicated Servers other than OVH?

    Are there any equal or better servers than OVH out there based in the USA?
  16. Tiamo

    Plugin Crash Manager [Ark]

    Yeah, I love it! Works very nice.
  17. Tiamo

    Solved ark shop

    Since the latest update with mysql database feature, it's been so sweet!
  18. Tiamo

    Advanced Chat [Paid]

    It seems to work well, but we are still seeing Tribe and Local chat showing up in global. I even removed all the RCON ips from the config and reloaded Advanced Chat, but Tribe is still showing up to people. I'm sorry, I know this must be super frustrating to see all my issues, but I love the...
  19. Tiamo

    Ark Permissions

    We just switched to the latest Permissions, and it took out the special commands we added for SafeZones and AllEngrams. So basically we can't use our SafeZones the way we wanted and nobody can do AllEngrams.
  20. Tiamo


    We used the Alternative Commands plugin and changed the command. Make sure to use the latest version of Alternative Commands. :)