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    Dino Tracker

    Sad to hear that bro, take your time. We will manage, real life comes first. You hang in there bud.
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    Ark Adverts

    FYI Crashes when using notification option, is ok for other options like servermsg. Latest API version and Ark server version.
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    Permissions Please! @Michidu
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    Shop Ui

    Hi! New here. Is there any shop plugin that has a graphic user interface? Thank you.
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    Shop, Currency & Kits

    06/26/20 14:50 [ArkShop][critical] Failed to open connection! 06/26/20 14:50 [API][warning] (API::pluginManager::LoadAllPlugins) Failed to load plugin - ArkShop Error code: 1114 I can't for the life of me get it to connect to my DB. All config is correct and validated through json lint. Other...
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    @Pelayori you are right, my bad. Apologies!
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    So a tribe can be in PVE, build up and farm resources, switch to PVP, go raid another PVP tribe and then turn PVE back on to be unraidable? Seems broken.