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  1. GeGeek


    So what does your plugin actually do? I know it does this This plugin will reload the PlayersExclusiveJoinList.txt on a given interval, defaults to 60 seconds. Does that mean you're adding the Steam64 ids to the text file and only allowing those people to connect to the server does that what...
  2. GeGeek

    Atlas Shop, Currency & Kits

    None of the console commands work, the plugin maybe installed and running correctly but those console commands with the latest version definitely do not work.
  3. GeGeek

    Atlas Permissions

    Outdated and broken.
  4. GeGeek

    Atlas Shop, Currency & Kits

    What does this mean: Dependencies: Permissions???
  5. GeGeek

    Atlas Shop, Currency & Kits

    Where is this permissions plig installed to? Cos when I add the API and the Kits the server starts and says error, but doesn't tell me what the error is, there are no logs either.
  6. GeGeek

    Atlas Shop, Currency & Kits

    So how are these installed because there are no instructions
  7. GeGeek

    Help - How to install Vote plugin?

    I've registered a site on the atlas server, how do I install this plugin? Thanks
  8. GeGeek

    Atlas Shop, Currency & Kits

    Is this still current or has it expired?