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    Ark Permissions

    is it possible to have some players have admin status so they can open certain ingame menus like the soul recovery from the soul terminal from dino storage or the admin ui for creating packs from the reward vault mod but also to revoke certain commands like gcm?
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    Bug Vote Rewards crashing on /claim

    /claim is randomly crashing servers. does not seem to matter what player or what map. Sometimes they claim and no crash sometimes they claim and there is a crash...
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    [PC] Sigma Draconis' Project ARK cluster. RP controlled PVPVE

    Ark players interested in a roleplay PVP/PVE play style, Sigma Draconis is interested in providing you with an ideal gaming experience. Seven servers with moderators and admins available to help you through the up’s and down’s of Ark gameplay. Outfitted with mods including Better Dino’s, Eco...