Weekend Server Rate's Modifier

Weekend Server Rate's Modifier 1.4

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would be great to have time of day the rates start to kick in and disable
also with all the multipliers can we not change CUDDLE imprint TIMER?
Great plugin, works exactly as advertised. One suggestion would be to allow users to set a start datetime and an end datetime in the configration as an alternative to days of the week please :)
Awesome plugin, works like a charm, is there a way to set the Time it turns on?
Works without Problems
Maybe you can add a Masterfile Config to manage multiple Servers at the same Time
yeah or multiple configs like by mapnamePORT.json or something will add it at some point
Awesome, I have been doing this manually for 6 servers. But not more! Thanks for an awesome plugin!! :D
VERY easy setup. Works as intended as is great for servers who like to run weekend boosts. Change of settings without requiring restart is definitely a boon since players will not have to wait for the shutdown timer and reload of the config files simply to have the boost be in effect.