Weekend Server Rate's Modifier

Weekend Server Rate's Modifier 1.4

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Weekend Rates

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  • Set multiple multipliers to change over the weekend
  • Display chatbox text when weekend rates enabled / disabled
  • Display notification when weekend rate enabled / disabled
  • Automatically reverts multipliers back to the normal settings after the weekend
  • Customize message colours
  • Customize messages
  • Change MOTD over the course of the weekend
Multipliers Supported:
  • XPMultiplier
  • TamingSpeedMultiplier
  • HarvestAmountMultiplier
  • HarvestHealthMultiplier
  • CraftXPMultiplier
  • FishingLootQualityMultiplier
  • BabyMatureSpeedMultiplier
  • MateBoostEffectMultiplier
  • MatingIntervalMultiplier
  • MatingSpeedMultiplier
  • EggHatchSpeedMultiplier
  • LayEggIntervalMultiplier
  • ResourcesRespawnPeriodMultiplier
  • SupplyCrateLootQualityMultiplier
  • StructureResistanceMultiplier
Days have format [0-6]. Where 0 being a Sunday.

/wrreload - Reload Config

Please edit config.json before applying
You can leave the config values at 0 that you don't want to change!

Any donation is much appreciated and very helpful towards the upkeep/creation of the plugins i provide, Plugins take time to create some hours some days and I keep 99% of them open source for others to learn from.

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Latest updates

  1. WeekdendRates 1.4

    Updated to Api 3.1 & added StructureDamageMultiplier
  2. Weekend Rates 1.3

    fixed commands and uploaded correct version
  3. Weekend Rates 1.2

    !!!New Config Needed!!! Now you can just leave the config values at 0 that you dont want to...

Latest reviews

Works without Problems
Maybe you can add a Masterfile Config to manage multiple Servers at the same Time
yeah or multiple configs like by mapnamePORT.json or something will add it at some point
Awesome, I have been doing this manually for 6 servers. But not more! Thanks for an awesome plugin!! :D
VERY easy setup. Works as intended as is great for servers who like to run weekend boosts. Change of settings without requiring restart is definitely a boon since players will not have to wait for the shutdown timer and reload of the config files simply to have the boost be in effect.