Vote Rewards

Vote Rewards 1.3b

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This plugin allows to automatically rewards players who vote for your server on

Chat Commands:
  • /votereward - Checks for votes and awards player.
Console Commands:
  • VoteRewards.Reload - Reloads a config file.
"ServerKey":"key1,key2,key3", // Your API key from, supports multiple keys separated by comma
"ShopPoints":20, // Amount of points that will be awarded to player for each vote (if ArkShop is loaded)
"Cooldown":30, // Command cooldown
"ItemsConfig":{ // Items that will be awarded to player for each vote

  • ArkShop (optional)
  1. Install ARK: Server API
  2. Copy "VoteRewards" folder to "ArkApi/Plugins"

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Latest updates

  1. 1.3b

    Fixed request
  2. 1.3

    Updated for API v2.8.
  3. 1.2

    Added cooldown Fixed crash Requires config update and API V2.7!

Latest reviews

Can you update to the latest ARK API please.
The plugin is awesome, but we need you to update it to the api 3.0, we can't use without this update :(
Sehr gutes Plugin aber Bitte auf API v3.0 Updaten :)
Thank you very much for your work!
Using this Plugin for GamingOGs server. Works awesome! Thank you!
Great tool to reward the votes. THX!
Great plugin, thank you!
Players are loving it! Loving the entire system! Thanks for the great work
Very good i love you