[Unmaintained] Improved Commands

[Unmaintained] Improved Commands 2.03

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This plugin is broken and does not work with ArkAPI 3.0!!!! This is very disappointing as this plugin was very useful for getting rid of spoiled and dropped eggs!!!
Going to leave a 1-star review because using this plugin has caused our servers to crash. If a player uses /mydinostats and then either kills/uploads/transfers a dino, it will 100% crash a server.

I would wait to leave a 1-star review if I thought the plugin author could update it, but since it is no longer maintained, it's best to just help others to avoid using this on their servers.
Great idea in the beginning. Too bad the author isn't responsible enough to maintain it. FAR too many bugs in existing commands and major room to grow.
Everything works. Just don't kill a dino after you did the command /mydinostats it crashes the server. Other than that everything works!
This plugin is no longer maintained. It causes server crashes. No feedback from plugin author to bug reports. YOU should not install this plugin on your servers!
Breeders love the MyDinoStats command and the DoRespec is perfect for admins