TebexAtlas - Server Donation Plugin

TebexAtlas - Server Donation Plugin 1.0.0

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We're delighted to announce the release of a brand new version of our plugin!

We've been fortunate to be able to work with the maintainers of the ARK: Server API project on this release, bringing a number of updates and new features!

What's New

  • Support for multiple grid instances in one config file
  • A summary UI to accompany the `!donate` chat command showing the available items
  • Various performance fixes
  • If a player has pending commands when they join a server, those commands will execute straight away, rather than waiting for the next check
  • Checks for minimum required inventory slots are now supported

To get started login to your control panel and head to Integrations >> Plugins

IMPORTANT: The version of the plugin requires a new config file. Please ensure you remove your old config file and copy the new one contained within the zip.