Structures limit 1.1b

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Limit of structures per tribe/player in the whole map.

    "MaxAmount":100, // General max amount of structures per tribe or player
    "CheckInterval":30, // Update interval in seconds
  "Structures":{  // Specific structures limit, uses asset path
      "Name":"Auto Turret", // Custom name for ShowLimit command
      "Name":"Minigun Turret",
    "ReachLimit":"You have reached your limit of structures",
    "ShowLimitMsg":"{}: {}/{}\n",
    "TotalLimitMsg":"Total: {}/{}"
Chat Commands:
  • /ShowLimits - Shows amount of player structures.
Console Commands:
  • GetBp - Prints to chat and server log target structure asset name.
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4.64 star(s) 11 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. 1.1b

    Small bug fix
  2. 1.1

    Added ShowLimits command Added GetBp console command Requires config update!

Latest reviews

Great Plugin, love it.

Special Limits by Permission would be a great option.

So normal Player 5000
VIP 7500
Admin unlimited
Great plugin, but I have a problem with arkomatic blueprints, when I modify config.json, it doesn't let me put blueprints with more than 104 characters and / or it doesn't accept arkomatic blueprints. Any solution to this?
Thanks in advance
awesome plugin; possible to make it count S+ structures aswell?
it would be nice if there're a specific tribe structure limit exception option
Very Nice plugin but it would be cool if it there would be an option to create a "group" of structures (for example all types of foundations) and then you set a limit to this group (Limit to 1000 of foundation ) and this means that you can only place 1000 structures of the group foundation so you can decide if you want to place 1k tek foundations or 1k metal foundations or 500/500 ...
can you add a function for permission groups?
Truly an amazing plugin and dev. Never disappoints, Awesome stuff!
Really great, can you add a display to limit the number of buildings and the current number of placements?
Amazing, Works perfectly and is a great tool to control the limit of structures, and kill lag of structures. As an improvement for the future, could be a good command for the survivors, the command that show the number of structures that they have.
This plug-in is really great, it can solve the server burden caused by too much infrastructure!