Structures limit 1.1b

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Limit of structures per tribe/player in the whole map.

    "MaxAmount":100, // General max amount of structures per tribe or player
    "CheckInterval":30, // Update interval in seconds
  "Structures":{  // Specific structures limit, uses asset path
      "Name":"Auto Turret", // Custom name for ShowLimit command
      "Name":"Minigun Turret",
    "ReachLimit":"You have reached your limit of structures",
    "ShowLimitMsg":"{}: {}/{}\n",
    "TotalLimitMsg":"Total: {}/{}"
Chat Commands:
  • /ShowLimits - Shows amount of player structures.
Console Commands:
  • GetBp - Prints to chat and server log target structure asset name.
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5.00 star(s) 6 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. 1.1b

    Small bug fix
  2. 1.1

    Added ShowLimits command Added GetBp console command Requires config update!

Latest reviews

can you add a function for permission groups?
Truly an amazing plugin and dev. Never disappoints, Awesome stuff!
Really great, can you add a display to limit the number of buildings and the current number of placements?
Amazing, Works perfectly and is a great tool to control the limit of structures, and kill lag of structures. As an improvement for the future, could be a good command for the survivors, the command that show the number of structures that they have.
This plug-in is really great, it can solve the server burden caused by too much infrastructure!
Can help With server performance, by limiting the number of Structures, Awesome Plugin.