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Shop Rewards & Stats 1.2

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Rewards players for activities using Shop points. This plugin also add stats and leaderboard. Currently, only player kills, deaths and dino kills are counted.

    "GiveUnclaimPoints":false, // Give points for killing unclaimed dinos or not
        "Award":[ // Award may depends on dino level
            "Points":1 // Player will receive 1 point if dino level is between [1;20]
            "Points":5 // Player will receive 5 points if dino level is between [21;50]
    "ReceivePoints":20, //  Amount of points that killer will receive.
    "AdditionalPointsPercent":2, // The killer may also receive additional points from the amount the victim has. This value is added to the previous one. Currently, it's set to additional 2% from the victim's points amount.
    "LosePointsPercent":80 // Amount of points that the killed player will loose in percentage. This amount is calculated from the amount the killer will receive.
    "NegativePoints":false, // If set to 'false', players points count won't go negative
    "MessageType":"notification", // 'notification' or 'chat'
    "LostPoints":"You have lost {} points",
    "MyStats":"Player kills count: {0}\nDeaths count: {1}\nWild dino kills count: {2}\nTamed dino kills count: {3}",
    "StatsFormat":"{0}) {1} {2} {3}\n",
    "StatsFormatPlayer":"Format: Name Player kills Deaths count\n{0}",
    "StatsFormatDino":"Format: Name Tamed dino kills Wild dino kills\n{0}",
    "StatsUsage":"Usage: /stats dino or /stats player",

The formula for PlayerRewards looks like so:
  1. Amount of points that the killer will receive is: PointsForKiller = ReceivePoints + VictimPointsAmount * AdditionalPointsPercent / 100
  2. Amount of points that the killed player will loose is: PointsForKiller * LosePointsPercent / 100
Example config by Bobby_moore: Config.

Chat Commands:
  • /mystats - Shows player's stats.
  • /stats <Type> - Shows leaderboard. Type can be 'player' or 'dino'.
Console commands:
  • ShopRewards.Reload - Reloads config
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Latest updates

  1. 1.2

    Fixed crash related to the latest Ark update
  2. 1.1

    Added option to prevent receiving points from killing an unclaimed dino Added ability to choose...

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