Shop, Currency & Kits

Shop, Currency & Kits 2.8

No permission to download
Mega nice
Love it!
Nice item.
Great plugin, i wish if i can add (EXP for starter kits)
i want my server players to start with level 50 characters right away.
i dont know how this works on my server
Awesome plugin, have played on a few servers that have it. Its Great, also looking for a well balanced shop if someone has one to share. Would like to set it up on my kids server. Thanks
very good plugin, but i cant seem to find any fully configured shop
10/10 nice work.
Very good plugin, thank you for sharing. But there is a question about the Resetpoints command. The number of players' coins has not changed since the implementation of Resetpoints.Resetkits have the same problem!
Michidu god of devs, only he can do a plugin like that :)
Fast updates, good plugin
Fantastic plugin, easy enough to figure out.
Michidu a ver si tu puedes ayudarme. Instale el plugin en mi server y al ingresar funciona todo bien hasta que intentas comprar un kit.
Te permite hacer la compra con el comando pero los item no me los envia al inventario del player. ayuda por favor
Amazing plugin, now a staple for unofficial Ark servers. Michidu changed the game with this one.
I absolutely love this plugin! I was a total noob to json and everything not too long ago, but if you take your time and read through the description and other peoples comments/questions, you can learn too!
Working really good but would be even more awesome if somebody could update it so database could be MySQL
It works perfectly. Complies with what was promised. Its use helps reduce the lag of servers with market. The players love it, and the administrators like it too.

Keep it up!
This plugin is really really good and helpfull but it needs a guide of how to change the config and add and remove things in it. or a webpage or program that you can use to pick what you want and it will print a completed config for you.
I tried to play it on my Server hosted by G-portal... but i dont know how... do you have an Video Tutorial or something else that makes it easy to install?
Hello, your plug-in is very good, but I am a rookie, want to know how to create VIP group, thank you.