PvP+ 1.59

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Plant Z will have an option to not give the flash bang effect on players but still allow dismounting players from dinos.
    "PlantSpeciesZ": {
        "DisableFlashBangOnPlayers": false //Disable flash effect on players while still allowing for the dismount effect
New Tribe Cooldown has been added.
  • Tribe Cooldown code to allow solo tribes to be created but will restrict Invites and Merges so players can be in a solo tribe at anytime regardless of Cooldown status.
  • When leaving a tribe of 2 or more players you will get a cooldown for the specified time preventing you from joining any tribe besides a solo one.
    "Tribes": { //Tribe changes
        "Enabled": true,
        "TribeLeaveCooldown": 60, //Tribe members that leave a tribe will have to wait X minutes before they can join a new tribe
        "PreventJoiningAllianceWithCooldown": true //This will prevent solo tribe players with cooldown from bypassing the restriction by doing an alliance
New Alliance Option - Alliance Cooldown Added
Allows adds a tribe log entry when the cooldown starts.
    "Alliances": { //Alliance size limits
        "Enabled": true,
        "AllianceLeaveCooldown": 60, //Number of minutes to block joining a new alliance after leaving one. 0 Disables the cooldown feature
        "MaxAllianceTribeMembers": 8 //Tribe members allowed in the alliance (total members of all tribes in the alliance)
New Alliance Messaging
        "AllianceCooldownActive": {
            "Message": "Denied! The Tribe you invited has an alliance join cooldown active.",
            "Scale": 2.0,
            "DisplayTime": 8.0,
            "Color": "Red"
        "AllianceCooldownActiveFor": {
            "Message": "Your tribe has an alliance join cooldown active for {} minutes.",
            "Scale": 2.0,
            "DisplayTime": 8.0,
            "Color": "Red"
Weapon Jamming Updated
"PreventMountedFiring": false, //Prevents firing a weapon based on the other settings here while being mounted

You can now configure Alliances to limit the amount of players allowed. This allows smaller tribes to group up and prevents mega Alliances by larger tribes.
    "Alliances":{ //Alliance size limits
        "MaxAllianceTribeMembers":8 //Tribe members allowed in the alliance (total members of all tribes in the alliance)
Additional messaging was added as well since this restricts tribes to 1 named alliance.
Server needs the following settings:
> Allow Tribe Alliances: true
> Max Alliances Per Tribe: 2
> Max Tribes Per Alliance: 100

Cannon damage can be modified
        "ReduceDamageByPercent":50 //Reduced by percentage, 100 = No Damage, 0 = Normal Damage,  50 = Half Damage, etc
Updated Weapon Jamming to be more configurable
    "WeaponsJamOnDismount":{ //Forces a weapon cycle when dismounting
        "JamTime":3.0, //How long before the weapon can be fired
        "AffectAllDinos":false, //Applies this to all dinos
        "AffectAllWeapons":false, //Applies this to all weapons
        "AffectedDinos":[ //Applies this only to these dinos when "AffectAllDinos":false
        "AffectedWeapons":[ //Applies this only to these dinos when "AffectAllWeapons":false
Added new options
        "ReduceStructureDamageByPercent":50, //Reduced by percentage, 100 = No Damage, 0 = Normal Damage,  50 = Half Damage, etc
        "PreventForceFeedAmbergrisOnAdult":true //Prevent Adult Magmasaur from eating Ambergris to heal quickly
        "ReduceStructureDamageByPercent":50 //Reduced by percentage, 100 = No Damage, 0 = Normal Damage,  50 = Half Damage, etc

Updated Weapon Jamming to prevent still being able to fire when you have 0 extra ammo.
Updated messaging as well
            "Message":"Your weapon has jammed! {} seconds until fixed!",
            "Message":"Your weapon jam has been cleared!",
Changed cryo glitch into a setting which allows specifying what items to force unequip when teleporting.
    "UnequipBeforeTeleport":{ //Unequip the currently equppied weapon if in the "AffectedItems" list.
Fixed issue that can happen with c4 that will cause a crash.
Dinos that prevent C4 explosions will now work if the player detonates the c4 via the remote or if the C4 takes damage.
Fixed an arena related crash when the bosses are not killed by the players.
  • Bug fix for turret limit preventing structure placement on platforms.
  • Climbing Pick Mesh Prevention
  • Bug fix for placing C4 on enemy structures (issue was introduced by previous changes in 1.52)
  • New options for "PreventStructurePlacementNearEnemyStructures"
    • "IgnorePlatformStructures":true, //Prevent Platforms from blocking building on the ground
    • "PlatformBuildingIgnoresAllEnemyStructures":true, //Building on a platform ignores all enemy structures
Fix for some logic issues. Depending on which features you have enabled or how they are configured some checks may never get performed. This update should correct this issue.

Overhauled the message section to allow messages to be customized by Size, Color and Display Time. The included config uses the same exact settings as v1.5 uses.
I've included a Color.txt file that contains all valid color names that can be used. If you put one incorrectly it will just use "Red" instead.
            "Message":"C4 cannot be placed within {} foundations of Tribe structures!",
Please make sure you update the complete "Messages" section to match the default config format. Failure to do this may lead to unintended issues or server crash. You can customize the text on the "Message" lines if you need to do so.
Bug Fixes

Added ignore list to prevent friendly checks from blocking C4 on Item/Death caches
Added New option to block C4 on Shoulder pets: "BlockOnMountedShoulderPets":true, in the "DisableC4OnDinos section.
Added New option "AutoIgnoreMapStructures" in the "PreventStructurePlacementNearEnemyStructures"
Config has been completely reworked. Every blueprint can be partially matched except for "PlatformOverrides" in the "PlatformStructureLimit" section.
Just be aware that not using full blueprint paths can lead to unintended results depending on what you entered. "AffectedStructures"
in the "PreventStructurePlacementOnPlatforms" section has examples of abbreviated blueprint paths as well as "BossDinos"

Made a change that extends the C4 protection of ridden dinos.
Players with C4 attached to them will act like an extension of the dino and abide by the same rules that dino would follow if it was directly attached to it.

Added weapon jamming with a dino list to active the feature on. (Prevents suicide Basilik rocket launcher)

Flamethrower DOT can be adjusted.

"PreventGrappleSlingShot":true //Enabling will prevent the slingshot (speed grappling) glitch

New option under "PlatformStructureLimit" called "TurretLimit"
//Limit turrets allowed to be placed on the platform -1 default limit, 0+ sets a limit.
Platform must not be within 10 foundations of a turret or it will count it as well towards the limit.

New Feature: Tribute Dino Downloads prevented when Mission is active.

Changed Managarmr config to match other sections
Changed damage from flat damage to a reduction percentage
Corrected config for the following boss:
  • Changeed "CrystalWyvern_Character_BP" to "CrystalWyvern_Character_BP_Boss"
This release requires a server restart for all features to function properly.

I have overhauled the Boss Arena code.
  • 100% Working - Island, Center, Valguero, Scorched Earth, Abberation, Crystal Isles, Ragnarok
  • VR Boss (Genesis) only final stage of the boss fight is supported
  • Added "Babality":true, for fun (illegal dinos turn in to babies) Mortal Kombat fans?
  • Improved grapple blocking.
  • Added "TakeExtraDamageMultiplier":10, to the Boss Arena options to increase damage taken on illegal dinos.
    • 0=No Extra, 1=100% Extra which I think 10 is the same as cryo sickness.
New Options:
  • "AutoDestroyBeaverDam":60 //60 is the number of seconds after closing the inventory. Set to 0 to disable the feature. Beaver Dams do not drop a bag when destroyed.
  • "AutoDestroyGlitchedEggs":true //This will remove eggs when dropped on the ground that are glitched from transfer gun and dedicated storage (aka Level 1 Dino Eggs)
Added New Section:
    "ManagarmrBreath":{ //Changes the Damage of the freezing breath
        "AdjustDamageVsPlayer":false, //True uses the "NewDamage" value below against players
        "AdjustDamageVsDino":false, //True uses the "NewDamage" value below against player owned dinos
        "NormalDamageVsWildDinos":true, //False uses the "NewDamage" value below against wild dinos
        "NewDamage":0 //Actual damage the breath will do per tick 0 removes damage but still freezes