PvP+ 1.59

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If you find a bug check my discord first as it may have already been patched there.

The goal of this plugin is to add PvP quality of life changes, balance changes and to fix exploitative raiding methods.

  • Now PvP servers can have floating damage text turned on because you can prevent showing other non-tribe damage.
    • GameUserSettings.ini needs the following for the plugin feature to function: ShowFloatingDamageText=True
  • Prevent C4 from being placed on or within X foundations of friendly structures to either prevent self harm or prevent raiding exploits with platform dinos using tunnels to detonate C4 on enemy structures.
  • Further restrict structure placement range with X foundations of enemy structures. This can be set to limit every structure or a select list of bp's.
  • Want to prevent placing transmitters on platform dinos which are used to cheese boss fights? Now you can with the platform placement prevention list.
  • Control platform structure counts per platform blueprint.
  • Prevent cyropod glitches when teleporting.
  • Removed Boss Arena cheese techniques. (See below Boss Arena Status)
    • No grappling in boss arena
    • Prevent certain dinos from being used and deal with the dinos in multiple ways.
  • Prevent Tek Dino breeding resource farms.
  • Auto Destroy Beaver Dams after leaving the inventory after X seconds
  • Auto Destroy glitched fertilized eggs from dedicated storage/transfer tools (AKA Level 1 Eggs)
  • Limit Alliances to total tribe members across the alliance.
  • Alliance cooldown when leaving an alliance to prevent hopping alliances
  • Plus More
Boss Arena Status:
  • Verified Working:
    • The Island, Crystal Isles, Valguero, The Center, Ragnarok, Scorched Earth, Abberation
  • Partial Support:
    • Genesis (Final Stage of the mission is supported only)
  • No Support
    • Extinction (Does not have normal arenas)

RCON/Console Reload Command:
  • PvPPlus.Reload - This allows you to make config.json changes and load in the changes you made without restarting the server.


        "LogStructurePaths":true, //shows you the path of a structure you just placed to assist with getting proper paths
        "ShowTribeFloatingDamageTextOnly":true, //True will not show enemy damage, False will show all damage text
        "BredTekDinosOnlyDropMeat":true, // Setting to true will force ONLY bred/hatched Tek dino to only harvest as a their normal non-Tek version to prevent resource farms. Setting to false leaves them having their default harvest settings (electronics, dust, etc).
        "AutoDestroyBeaverDam":60, //60 is the number of seconds after an item is removed from its inventory. Set to 0 to disable the feature. Beaver Dams do not drop a bag when destroyed.
        "AutoDestroyGlitchedEggs":true //This will remove eggs when dropped on the ground that are glitched from transfer gun and dedicated storage
        "DisableDinoDownloadsWhileMissionActive":true, //Disables dino downloads when the player is on an active mission
        "PreventGrappleSlingShot":true //Enabling will prevent the slingshot (speed grappling) glitch
        "CommandText":"/pvp", //This is the command players use in game
        "ServerList":"?", //This is the parameter to see server settings "/pvp ?"
        "PlayerList":"player" //This is the parameter to see player settings "/pvp player"
    "ServerDefaults":{ //Used for Player Overrides don't change it
        "FloatingDamageText":{ //Don't change
            "Id":1, //Don't change
            "Name":"Floating Damage Text", //Customize the language as needed
            "Default":true //true means players will see floating damage by default. false means they will have to do "/pvp 1 on" to see it
    "WeaponsJamOnDismount":{ //Forces a weapon cycle when dismounting
        "AffectAllDinos":false, //Applies this to all dinos
        "AffectedDinos":[ //Applies this only to these dinos when "AffectAllDinos":false
    "DisableC4OnDinos":{ //Prevent placing C4 on dinos
        "AffectAllDinos":false, //Prevent placing C4 on ALL dinos
        "AffectPlayersOnDinos":true, //Extends rules to mounted players with C4 on them
        "UsePreventC4NearTribeStructuresRange":true, //Uses the placement range to prevent detonation with that range
        "AffectedDinos":[ //Only prevent on these dinos when "AffectAllDinos":false
    "PreventC4NearTribeStructures":{ //Prevent placing C4 within X foundations of friendly structures.
        "Range":3, //Range to prevent placement within
        "IncludeAllies":true //Include allies in the check
        "Range":26, //X Foundations away
        "PreventAllStructures":false, //Block every structure
        "AffectedStructures":[ //Prevent these structures from being placed
        "IgnoreStructures":[ //These structures do not count as enemy structures
    "PlatformStructureLimit":{ //Change platform structure limit
        "DefaultLimit":32, //Default structure limit for anything not listed in "PlatformOverrides"
        "TurretLimit":5, //Limit turrets allowed to be placed on the platform -1 default limit, 0+ sets a limit.
    "PreventStructurePlacementOnPlatforms":{ //Prevent structures from being placed on platforms
        "AffectedStructures":[ //Structures not allowed to be placed
    "BossArena":{ //Boss Arena Restrictions
        "CheckForRestricted":10, //Frequency in seconds to make sure blocked dinos are not present
        "ExcludeMaps":"Extinction", //Comma separated listed of maps to block from this feature and needs the full map name i.e. "Extinction,Valguero_P"
        "KillDinos":false, //Kill dinos that are in the "PreventDinos" list
        "Babality":true, //Turn dinos into babies that are in the "PreventDinos" list
        "TorporDinos":{ //Put dinos to sleep that are in the "PreventDinos" list
            "TakeExtraDamageMultiplier":0, //Make them take more damage 1 = double damage, 10 = cryosickness
            "AfterBossKillRemoveTorpor":true, //Wake them up after the boss fight if still alive
            "AfterBossKillFullHealth":false, //Heal them to full HP after boss fight if still alive
            "RemoveCollision":false //Allow walking through the sleeping dinos
        "BlockGrapple":{ //Disables grapple use for non-vanilla grapples
            "Affected":[ //List of any grapples that need disabled
        "PreventDinos":[ //List of dinos not allowed in boss arenas
        "BossDinos":[ //List of boss dinos
    "ManagarmrBreath":{ //Changes the Damage of the freezing breath
        "AdjustDamageVsPlayer":true, //True uses the "NewDamage" value below against players
        "AdjustDamageVsTamedDino":true, //True uses the "NewDamage" value below against player owned dinos
        "AdjustDamageVsWildDinos":false, /True uses the "NewDamage" value below against wild/unclaimed dinos
        "ReduceDamage":100 //Reduced by percentage, 100 = No Damage (still freezes), 0 = Normal Damage,  50 = Half Damage, etc
        "ReduceFireDamageOverTime":50 //Percent to reduce. If default damage is 8% of HP then 50 will make it only 4%
    "Messages":{ //Translate the messages as needed but if {} is present you need to keep it in your translation
        "SettingChanged":"Your setting was updated",
        "Error":"<RichColor Color=\"1, 0, 0, 1\">Something went wrong!</>",
        "Usage":"Usage: /PVP <option number> <on/off> - will set your option setting\n/PVP ? - will provide a list of valid option numbers\n/PVP player - will show your current option settings",
        "PreventC4Tribe":"C4 cannot be placed within {} foundations of Tribe structures!",
        "PreventC4Allies":"C4 cannot be placed within {} foundations of Allied structures!",
        "PreventC4TribeDet":"C4 cannot be detonated within {} foundations of Tribe structures!",
        "PreventC4AlliesDet":"C4 cannot be detonated within {} foundations of Allied structures!",
        "C4DinoAll":"C4 on all dinos cause it to malfunction and will not explode!",
        "C4Dino":"C4 on {}'s cause it to malfunction and will not explode!",
        "EnemyStructureTooClose":"Enemy structure is closer than {} foundations. Building prevented!",
        "PlacementPreventedOnPlatforms":"You cannot place this structure on a platform!",
        "PlacementPreventedOnPlatformsStructureLimit":"This platform is limited to {} structures. Building prevented!",
        "PlatformTurretLimit":"The turret will exceed the platform limit of {} turrets",
        "GrappleNotAllowed":"CAN'T USE THIS HERE",
        "BadEgg":"'{0}' was a rotten egg!",
        "WeaponJammed":"Your weapon has jammed unequip it to fix it!"
    "Mysql":{ //Configure this if you want to use MySQL otherwise leave it as is.

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