PVP-Protection [STABLE]

No permission to buy ($25.00)
- When a new player connects to the server, he is automatically given N-number (config) hours of PVE-Mode
- Player can disable the pve using /pveoff command (config)

When accepting a player in a tribe
with pve-hours < tribe pve-hours, the min number of time is set for all tribe members:
Example: A player with 48 hours joined a tribe with 3 players with 36 hours / a player with 48 hours will be set to 36 and vice versa

- Alliances can destroy pve-mode (Config)
Description: if the pve tribe joined into pvp alliance, tribe will be set as pvp.

- Players with PVE status can't cause damage to other players & structures, but can take damage from enemy structures (turrets) and wild dinos.

- Carry pve-characters (config)

- SQLite database (config)

- Custom messages (config)

- Custom commands (config)

- Custom Harvest Rate

- Custom Structure Damage

- Database Optimization

- /pveoff = off pve-mode for player/team
- /pvestatus = get player/team pve-hours
- /pvecheck = check if player exist in pve-players

CONSOLE: cheat pve.set <steamid> <permanent_pve | 1 / 0> - set team as permanently pve-protected
RCON: pve.set <steamid> <permanent_pve | 1 / 0>
1 = true
0 = false

CONSOLE: cheat pve.time set/add <steamid> <hours>
RCON: pve.time set/add <steamid> <hours>
"Set" = set <hours> for tribe and tribemembers
"Add" = add/remove(if amount is negative) <hours> for tribe and tribemembers



        "Tag":"[PVE] ",


        "Attack_if_target_is_pve":"You trying attack PVE-Protected character. Remaining time {}h.",
        "Attack_if_you_pve":"You can't attack because you PVE-Protected\n If you want turn off this feature, type /pveoff in chat",
        "Attack_pve_structure":"You trying attack PVE-Protected structure",
        "Status":"You have {} hours of PVE / Your Team {}",
        "Off":"You successfuly switched mode to PVP",
        "AllianceDestroyPVE":"Your tribe violated our rules and accepted Alliance, so you can't be a PVE-Protected player",
        "Update":"You updated PVE mode",
        "ProtectFinished":"Your tribe is PVP! Good luck!",
        "NotFoundTribes":"No PVE-Tribes is there",
        "FoundTribes":"Current PVE-Tribes:\n"

1. Pay 25$ on the paypal.me or [email protected] (paypal).
2. Send message to pm
or email [email protected]
or discord "★ムgitoReiKen★ | ★MムDNΣZZ★#8553":
"Hello, i paid for PVP-Protection, my account: (your paypal accountname)"
3. You get a download link for NOT authorized mod.
4. Install this into your server.
5. Start your server
6. Locate to folder YourServer/ShooterGame/Binaries/Win64/ ! key.txt !
7. Copy your key and send to [email protected] / discord.
8. After this you get a download link for valid plugin

Some Screenshots :3
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Great plugin, highly recommended!
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