PointLimiter 1.1

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This plugin is designed to cap the stats of players and dinos.

The config should be self explanatory.
...Besides the fact that values below 0 Means the is no Limit (-1 for convention)
Anything else would be the actual value of the stat.

Lemme give you an example:
  "PlayerCap": {
    "SpeedMultiplier": 170,
Would actually mean that the Player would just be able to increase that stat if he/she is below 170% of Movementspeed.

Source Code: https://github.com/AdrianGamingDE/PointLimiter
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Latest updates

  1. Fixed a bug and attached debug file

    Fixed a bug and attached debug file
  2. Fixed a bug

    Changed check for players / dinos
  3. Added "CraftingSpeedMultiplier" to the config.

    Added "CraftingSpeedMultiplier" to the config to allow the new creature Gatcha to be skilled in...

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