No Wander+

No Wander+ 1.74

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Updated since WC now sets default No Wandering on babies.

The "AlwaysWander" feature has been updated to force those dinos back to wandering status.
When the baby is claimed Wandering will be disabled as it always has.

No, other changes were needed after the WC update.
Fixed crash issue related to Mission Dinos on Genesis

Added new tribe option for Dino Stats Point Naming
            "Name":"Dino Stats Point Naming",
Added new option to make certain dinos always wander (Once they are claimed wandering will be disabled)
Bug fix: Rare crash on server startup
Added new config section
        "DinoStatsTribeOnly":true, //Only allows gettings stats of tribe owned dinos (breeding base stats)
        "AutoNoWandering":true //servers can set this false to force dinos to wander
New command "/nowander stats" which will output the dino you are looking at output base breeding stats to chat (used in conjunction with "DinoStatsTribeOnly" setting)

Added new player option for dino naming:
            "Name":"Dino Stats Naming",
Name will be in the format "H# S# W# M# F#" (not configurable)
H=Health, S=Stamina, W=Weight, M=Melee Damage, F=Food
Added new option "AutoDisableDinoNamePopup"
Change Log:
  • Config formatting has been changed drastically. In the "ServerDefaults" section you can only modify the name and default lines. I will provide examples.
  • Added High Attack Range option.
  • Added Dino Naming system (Random or Player Name).
  • Added a list of 10,000 Random Names that can be chosen. If you wish to customize the list of names you can change the contents of the "DinoNames.json" but the formatting must stay the same.
  • Tribes can now override server default settings if they wish.
  • Added MySQL (Optional) and Sqlite (Default) databases to support the override feature.
Please review all the information I posted in the Overview tab. The Configuration Details sections has an explanation of what can be changed and not changed.
Repost removed debug message.
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New baby dinos will not wander at all now (very small chance this fails and they move once)
New option for the baby you claim to unfollow you automatically.
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Added the following options:
  • AutoPassive
  • AutoIgnoreGroupWhistles
Gave it another new name since it keeps growing in features.
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Fixed config loading error it should now look in the proper directory for the config.
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