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No Wander+ 1.6

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The plugin is a very simple quality of life change.

The plugin will do the following if the setting is enabled.
New baby dinos will not wander at all now (very small 6% chance this fails and they move once)
When you claim a new baby this can automatically set it to Passive.
When you claim a new baby this can automatically set it to ignore group whistles.
When you tame/claim a new dino this can automatially set it to No Ally Looking.
Plus More...

Randomly set dino names when claiming it.
Set the dino name to the player name claiming it.
Set default targeting range to high when claiming it.
Set to target only conscious when claiming it.

Tribes are now able to override your server default settings based on their personal preferences.

  • /NoWander (Will give usage information in game similar to this information)
  • /NoWander ? (provides a list of server options and their default setting)
  • /NoWander tribe (provides a list of tribe settings that you have set with the server default shown as well.)
  • /NoWander <option> <on/off> (Using the option number and on or off you can change a setting. The <option> value can be obtained using the ? command)
    • /NoWander 7 on (Will change your tribe settings to Randomly Name Dinos when claiming.)
    • /NoWander 7 off (Will change your tribe settings to turn off the option to Randomly Name Dinos.)

            "Name":"No Ally Looking",
            "Name":"Ignore Group Whistles",
            "Name":"Target Conscious Only",
            "Name":"Target Range High",
            "Name":"Randomly Name Dino",
            "Name":"Player Name on Dino",
            "Name":"Do Not Prompt for Dino Name",
        "SettingChanged":"Your setting was updated",
        "Error":"<RichColor Color=\"1, 0, 0, 1\">Something went wrong!</>",
        "Owner":"<RichColor Color=\"1, 0, 0, 1\">Only the tribe owner is allowed to use this feature!</>",
        "NoTribe":"<RichColor Color=\"1, 0, 0, 1\">You must be in a tribe to use this feature.</>",
        "Usage":"Usage: /NoWander <option number> <on/off> - will set your tribe option setting (Tribe Owners Only)\n/NoWander ? - will provide a list of valid option numbers\n/NoWander tribe - will show your tribes current option settings"
Configuration Details:
  • CommandText: Change this if you want to make the command in game different. /NoWander
  • ServerList: Is the secondary command that provides the server default settings. /NoWander ?
  • TribeList: Is the secondary command that provides the list of tribe settings that were changed. /NoWander tribe
  • Lines that start with "Auto" like "AutoNoAllyLook" cannot be changed or plugin will not function.
  • Id: Do not change this or you will have issues with tribe settings.
  • Name: You can change this to say whatever you like in whatever language.
  • Default: true or false are the only valid settings here.
    • true = Feature is on by default
    • false = Feature is off by default
    • Tribes can override this on their own and I suggest setting the more common settings all players will use to true and leave the uncommon ones as false. I have set the default config how I would use it.
  • Change or translate these however you want but only the text to the right of the :
  • If you are using this you will already know what to do. It works the same as all other plugins using it.
  • Keeping this disabled the plugin automatically uses Sqlite as the database which requires no setup.

Note: Only new babies or tames will be affected by this plugin.

Donations: If you feel like donating for my time please use the button below.

Discord: Lethal's API Plugins Discord
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