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New Player Protection 1.62

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This plugin is now free and open sourced. All future updates will still be maintained by me. Be sure to join the Discord: barnwellrd's ArkApi Plugin Discord!

  • Protects new player structures from damage
  • Protects new player structures for X amount of days
  • Protects new player structures up to X level
  • SQLite Database
  • Customizable config


  "General": {
    "DbPathOverride": "",
    "PlayerUpdateIntervalInMins": 1,
    "AllowNewPlayersToDamageEnemyStructures": false,
    "AllowPlayersToDisableOwnedTribeProtection": true,
    "NPPCommandPrefix": "!",
    "NewPlayerDoingDamageMessage": "You can't attack structures while under New Player Protection!",
    "NewPlayerStructureTakingDamageMessage": "You can't attack structures that are under New Player Protection!",
    "NewPlayerStructureTakingDamageFromUnknownTribemateMessage": "Your tribe can't attack structures that are under New Player Protection!",
    "NPPInvalidCommand": "Invalid chat command!",
    "NewPlayerProtectionDisableSuccess": "Your tribes protection has been disabled!",
    "NotANewPlayerMessage": "Your tribe is not under New Player Protection!",
    "NotTribeAdminMessage": "You are not a tribe admin!",
    "NPPRemainingMessage": "New Player Protection Remaining: {} Day(s) {} Hour(s) {} Minute(s) OR {} level(s)! [Based on oldest/highest tribe member]",
    "AdminNoTribeExistsMessage": "No tribe with that ID exists; Tribe: {}",
    "AdminTribeProtectionRemoved": "Protection has been removed for Tribe: {}",
    "AdminTribeNotUnderProtection": "No protection to remove from Tribe: {}",
    "AdminResetTribeProtectionSuccess": "{} hour(s) of protection from now has been given to Tribe: {}",
    "AdminResetTribeProtectionLvlFailure": "A player is over the NPP Max Level. Cannot give protection to Tribe: {}",
    "NPPInfoMessage": "NPP Server Settings: Hours of Protection: {}, Max New Player Level: {}.",

    "MessageIntervalInSecs": 10,
    "MessageTextSize": 1.4,
    "MessageDisplayDelay": 10,
    "MessageColor": [

    "NewPlayerProtection": {
      "NewPlayerMaxLevel": 60,
      "HoursOfProtection": 72


Player commands:
  • !npp info ~ See what the current NPP settings are on your server
  • !npp status ~ Shows how much time/levels you have left before the protection wears off (Based on oldest and highest tribe member)
  • !npp disable ~ Disables protection for user's tribe (only tribe admins can do)

Admin Commands Console:
  • cheat NPP.RemoveProtection <Tribe_ID> ~ Removes Tribe protection of a certain tribe
  • cheat NPP.ResetProtectionDays <Tribe_ID> ~ Resets start day to NOW and restores protection even if previously expired. Does not work on tribes with a player over "NewPlayerMaxLevel"
  • cheat NPP.ReloadConfig ~ Reloads config and updates protection on the new config settings and resets protection for ALL tribes within new limits

Admin Commands RCON:
  • NPP.RemoveProtection <Tribe_ID> ~ Removes Tribe protection of a certain tribe
  • NPP.ResetProtectionDays <Tribe_ID> ~ Resets start day to NOW and restores protection even if previously expired. Does not work on tribes with a player over "NewPlayerMaxLevel"
  • NPP.ReloadConfig ~ Reloads config and updates protection on the new config settings and resets protection for ALL tribes within new limits

After the server boots, a "NewPlayerProtection.db" file will be created in plugin's directory. It contains all the information about players, tribes, start dates, and if they are protected. Do not attempt to edit this database while the server is running!

  1. Install ARK: Server API
  2. Install the Permissions Plugin
  3. Copy "NewPlayerProtection" folder to "ArkApi/Plugins"
Upgrading from V1.0 or V1.1:
  1. Install the Permissions Plugin
  2. Copy the updated "NewPlayerProtection" folder to "ArkApi/Plugins"
  3. As an admin, run the following console command to remove the old versions structure settings (will not affect New Player Protection): cheat NPP.ResetStructures
Upgrading from V1.2+:
  1. Copy ALL files over to the "NewPlayerProtection" folder in "/ArkApi/Plugins/"

  • The PlayerUpdateIntervalInMins config option determines how often players are checked to see if protection should be turned off. Therefore, it can take that amount of time for protection to update after the NewPlayerMaxLevel or DaysOfProtection condition is met for a player. Increase this amount if you have a large player base (Feedback seems that about 2-3 minutes less than your server's save interval works well).
  • New Player tribe protection is turned off whenever one of these conditions are met: a tribe member reaches NewPlayerMaxLevel or DaysOfProtection, admin or player chat commands are used, or an unprotected player joins.
  • This plugin makes ALL New Player tribe structures invulnerable to damage until they lose their protection.
  • Does not effect non-tribe structures.
  • If a protected New Player joins an unprotected tribe, they lose their protection.
  • Admins will not break a tribes protection if they join it.
  • This plugin should be safe to remove or add during any stage of a servers lifetime, however, if added on an established server, there are edge cases where a tribe may be protected under the time limit if online tribe members meet the protection criteria but an offline tribe member who would be out of protection hasn't logged in since it was added.
  • Tribes that have been offline since the plugin was added can not be protected until they log in.
  • The database must be deleted whenever a server is wiped to remove the stale data.
  • The database is only updated on world saves. This means all calculations are done in memory at run-time. It also increases the integrity of the database by insuring the database is in sync with your world save files in the event of a server crash. (unless it crashes on a save or the save files become corrupted)
  • I would highly recommend having a separate database for each server on your cluster, and allow protection to be unique per server. Multiple servers loading and writing to the database on world loads and saves can cause the database to lock up and compromise the integrity of the data.

Special thanks to TyrelSackett, ColeSlawter, and the Patreons over at the Ark AGB Community for providing ideas, support, and testing of the plugin!

GitHub: barnwellrd/New-Player-Protection

****Please email any bug reports to [email protected] or contact me on Discord: Rogue Leader#5458*****
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Latest updates

  1. [UPDATE:] New Player Protection V1.62

    Change Notes: Fixed crash where the server tried to speak with wild dinos
  2. [UPDATE:] New Player Protection V1.61

    Change Notes: Reverted fix that caused crash
  3. [UPDATE!] New Player Protection V1.6

    Change Notes for V1.6: Fixed crash related to latest Ark Update Fixed exploit with C4

Latest reviews

Its working on structure.. but not on player.. can you help me if i am doing anything wrong.. i did not edit any thing juts used it as it is..
Npp only works on structures.
Is Chinese not allowed in config?
NPP and its config supports UTF-8. Make sure your config is encoded for UTF-8.
Terrific API, most definitely worth the 10$. Works great and we've had no issues whatsoever with it.
Awesome dev. The plugin works fine, there are some features I think should be added, and the dev is open to new ideas!
Awesome plugin with a lot of support and an amazing dev. 10 stars!
Opted for this plugin even for the $10 price tag and it clearly shows by what you get compared to other similar plugins that I have bad experiences with.

I added this plugin to my cluster mid-season and it works like a dream. After its ran its first check on all players it updated all those tribes who needed protection and those who didnt without any faults. With previous starter protect plugins ive used the problem occurs when 2 players create a tribe and the calculation on protection time remaining becomes unsynced. Here, this is not an issue. (My servers run protection for 3 days or until character level 75.)

There has not been a single circumstance where I've had issues with this plugin thus far.

The developer is clearly passionate about this plugin reaching its potential, and with a dedicated discord with active developers willing to help if there are questions or issues and frequent updates, dont look any further.

I would recommend this Starter Protection plugin over any other and it is well worth the $10.
if I could I would give 10 stars
Amazing Plugin With An Even Better Developer, Truly Can't Get A Better Deal
About Ricky:

This API was built from scratch BY barnwellrd, and is being released by barnwellrd. It is also being supported by him. He initially built it with us over at AGB (as with many APIs he has written for us). This is his work that he is releasing. Not a release that was created by someone else or created 'exclusively' for someone else. No drama around Ricky! We have known him for many years and he is awesome.

He is diligent about all of the API's he has built for us in the past, makes great use of our community to test (and our community loves him).

He made this API public so that everyone would have the opportunity to get a solid API as we started to hear the ridiculous prices that private developers were charging, based on a API engine that is open source to begin with. THIS is why Ricky is awesome. More API's are coming, more will be made public as he adds more configurable options!

Keep on supporting this guy. You will not be disappointed.

About the API:

We wanted an API that ALLOWED AND ENCOURAGED PVP, but stopped people from being able to go around wiping out new tribe bases.

This API allows new players to PvP with each other (including dinos), and even higher level players, BUT it STOPS griefers from being able to go around and wipe out all our new players. It gives us the best of both worlds- We get our early game pvp (players and dinos!) AND our new players aren't chased off the map on day one of their Journey!

It also has the option to enable or block new players from raiding others too (not fair to let a level 30 guy go raid someone and then he himself be unraidable!)

The API is awesome. Works well, has a ton of features and Ricky is continuously adding more. All of the APIs he has made for AGB have been worked well and done exactly what we needed them to do.

It is well worth the $10.00
Very talented dev, Worked with him on past projects.