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Great program. He runs very well on my multiple servers.
Love the program, helps out a ton!

Be mindful of your Discord, no real help in asking any questions there without getting unnecessary comments from randoms in the community who have nothing better to do besides tell us that its 'working as intended'.

Keep up the good work! Looking forward to using your other plugins for our gaming community!
Thanks for the update. Seems it saying I need a new API ver and it hasn't updated yet. I will check back later.
I had no problem plugging the info into the program and starting up my servers, The auto update thing is not needed for us as we want to be able to filter which updates make it to the players as there have been a few that were rough like the SoTD rapid fire, want to make sure there are no bad bugs before installing. Would love to see mod support as it is now a thing and maybe a discord thing to tell discord server status. Thank you for all your hard work myself and the rest of our community salute you my friend!
Been using it for months now, never had an issue.
But after upgrading to 2.0, I'm getting errors on loading it up.
I uploaded the config file as instructed, no issues in it as I always validate my json files before I upload them.

Failed to load plugin - TebexArk
Error code: 127
Sorry to hear this - have you also upgraded the API to the latest version?
Fantastic program, does exactly what's needed, and does it well.

Feature Requests :-

Allow list sorting, ie list servers by name. I run a 9x9 and B2 is the Home server, so I created that one first then B1 and B2, resulting in that my list displays in a weird order.

Options to open each servers ini files from within the tool, perhaps allowing the user to choose their own editing tool rather than create a bespoke one. Or an option to open each servers save folder.

Is there anyway to stop the graphical update flicker? I have my server screen set up so that I can monitor things whilst playing, but sometimes the constant flickering gets annoying.

Only issues I've had:-

the auto updater doesn't work consistently, but I think that's user (me) error.

Sometimes it seems to close for no reason, but it doesn't do it as much as it did.

On starting the program it auto starts all the servers, even with the option to auto start stooped servers turned off.

Perfect system for votes! Thank you for this gem!
If you create a tribe, the pve mode disappears. If you leave a tribe, the pve mode disappears. The PVE mode is not secure, there are many ways to exit pve mode, and there is no option to return to that mode unless the administrator returns it to you.
You using old version, you know? Updates in our discord
Thanks for such a great plugin ;) Works like a charm!
unfortunately does not work as it should
Sorry to hear you are having problems - what is the issue you are experiencing?
Good for those who type it wrong in the chat.