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Excellent plug-in, however no matter what I set in the configuration I cannot change the !donate command to anything else.
Seems to can't get this plugin to wark, i'm sad, when i want to remove the protection from a tribe they still have it...
Shame. I have a whole discord setup to help people figure it out. That would have been a good place to start when you were having issues.
I agree @AlexoAndro, really great plugin but this option would be great ;)
Nice working and i hope there come more Functions like Config Reload or Breeding Multiplier =)
Great plugin, works exactly as advertised. One suggestion would be to allow users to set a start datetime and an end datetime in the configration as an alternative to days of the week please :)
Can you update to the latest ARK API please.
works perfect :)
I like your plug-in very much. Can we cooperate?
Great plugin, easy to use, easy to configure, Perfect for my hybrid PvE/PvP server.
Awesome plugin! Just one question.

Does the DroppedEggs commands work that was included in the ImprovedCommands plugin?

Thank you for the great work
i'm afraid not