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Awesome plugin! but it will be better if it had the posibility to give a group for a certain time, like 1 year or 1 month.
Don´t work good on The Center, for other maps are a good plugin!
I BOUGHT THE WRONG ONE - I have the ark one and it works perfectly for what i need - the dev is responsive and i would reccomend this to all :) BUT REMEMBER im talking about the ARK VERSION not ATLAS but if it works the same then you will like atlas version too :)
Ich habe Heute neue Funktionen vorgeschlagen und sie wurden sofort übernommen :) Bestes Plugin das es gibt und super Entwickler :)
Michidu god of devs, only he can do a plugin like that :)
Fast updates, good plugin
Muito bom! Perfeito!
Servers close with this plugin , with the new update
Hi There this is a really good plugin, but we want to make the switch to linux, can you supply source files so we can build a linux alternative, we would be happy to give you all credit once its built ;)
It's open source, but linux version would be completely different.
Works as expected with beautiful configuration settings.
+1 as well because of the amazing discord support.
Hello, Do you need to puth this only in the masterserver or in every server.
This plugin is broken and does not work with ArkAPI 3.0!!!! This is very disappointing as this plugin was very useful for getting rid of spoiled and dropped eggs!!!
Outstanding hard work was put into this plugin! Wooly is an outstanding guy who dedicated hard work on providing high-quality plugins and talents. Recommend this plugin to any serious servers out there!
Super nice plugin
Was able to follow the instructions that are here on the overview page and purchase this plugin from ownprox. He has a life! He also happens to make the best API plugins on this site. Thanks Again OwnProx.
sounds like a great product with everything i want. unfortunately i, along with several others from what ive read on this site are unable to try the product since it has "no permission to buy" where the buy button should be. its going on a week with no response from the author both as private message on this site and also private message in discord. would be nice if the author was more readily available for response as this is a product that requires purchase and activation on his end via a "license" check.

On a side note, instead of using a the term "basic support" i think most people would agree to see the specifics on what basic support entails. this would allow everyone to know what to expect for support instead of guess if something is included.

as for the 1 star rating, well the only experience i have with this product is the purchasing part and so far it is "terrible" as the 1 star rating is labeled. the purchase aspect does not work and i did not find an alternative for purchasing posted by the author.

if i can ever purchase this product and try it out i will do an actual review with specifics as a lot of these other reviews are vague and dont give much insight on how the product functions, how easy setup is, good visuals of what to expect ect.
The best plugin without a doubt, the creator answers quickly, and helps you. Very professional.
Discord Integrator is much better than this, it will give you lag on the server, you can not change the color of the name and several other bugs.
does not work, cant get it to work on any of my servers with any ip or port
This plugin is amazing, auto role's, cross chat, coloured names and chat and with a dev that is super responsive this plugin is going to be amazing, get it now!