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This is Excellent, My servers now have hourly themed rate changes and the players love it.
Great plugin, Problem is, This user charged us $2,000 for plugin that he doesn't own and nor without his dev's consent to release it. This user has told me multiple times he has planted a backdoor virus in our plugins. Beware of this user, Great plugin itself, but a terrible user.

Maticha is not a plugin dev, He only pays people to create his plugins. He is a snake be warned and be careful working with him. This plugin wasn't created by him he had a dev create the plugin so the plugin itself is working an amazing.
Hello, your plug-in is very good, but I am a rookie, want to know how to create VIP group, thank you.
Can we share the database? If 2 or more servers point to the one database, they will share
Very god plugin to admin use in game. Love it
Nice job!
Very good plugin lol
Amazing guy, Amazing plugin.
Good It works Great :)