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Wooly is the best plugin creator out there. Very quick to respond to questions. Adjusted the spawn overrider for me and made it public for everyone else to enjoy too.

Very very pleased!!!
Good Plugin to fix one of the big problems.

Just works, saves alot of admin support when people are stuck.
Great plug in. PLEASE add the ability for us to run commands! would make this perfect!
Nice creator, Excellent plugin. Thanks
Excellent plugin thank you very much.
anyway i can confirm this is working? i exited it but it doesnt reboot but i know thats not same as a crash?? just want to confirm its working
Great plugin! But there is a small problem: the player tribe is in the protection period C4
Explosives will also be protected
Wooly is an awesome plugin developer that always delivers top notch content. He will go out of his way and support his releases one on one with you until you have it working. MAGA is no different, very robust and works as advertised.
11/10 developer!
Has been working every time, saves alot os hassle
finally questing is possible
makes having a PVP server possible again
works as expected and has tons of features
works great
works great, and respects slot count
it block all pvp even punching own dean body
perfect :)
Super plugin, leider beendet es den Prozess nicht richtig kommt immer der Fehler (ShooterGame funktioniert nicht mehr)

Irgend eine Idee, wie ich das lösen kann? denke es liegt am System und nicht am Plugin.
Incredible plugin!