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i dont know how this works on my server
Awesome plugin, have played on a few servers that have it. Its Great, also looking for a well balanced shop if someone has one to share. Would like to set it up on my kids server. Thanks
definitely one of the best plugins around , great support from the dev !! can't recommend enough
I downloaded the plugin and when I start the server it appears "Failed to load plugin" I would like to know if someone has the solution My discord 👑DDD (11) # 3916
Good plugin. Would it be possible to introduce percentual reward chances? I would like to set a lower spawn chance than 25%. Thanks!
used this from another server was a must if your going to have paterons on your atlas or ark server works flawless once u understand the code!!
I bought the plugin to get more votes. The plugin has exceeded my expectations because it's just awesome. There is a lot of work behind it!
Outstanding Plugin! Make's PvP more enjoyable!
can you add a function for permission groups?
Very little support and isnt the easiest plugin to get to work, but once you learn the limitations it works.
It is a must for any cluster.
Would be 5 stars if it was random between all dinos items and commands but it is not. its an ether or type system.