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Why the plugin didn't found?
Best, Simple and Easy to use. Quick Respond and Awesome Support. Definitely loving this Plugin!
why in my server is not workin I have server key "server 1" sec map "server 2"
nice plugin, fast support, highly recommended.
The discord tribe options look spectacular, Thanks
Awesome Plugin! Nice Work. :)
Works as intended, customizable (with server defaults and tribe personalization), can use MySql, a really addition to any server (PvPvE).
Very nice plugin, configurable, works well. Changes the way people are playing Ark.
Great plugin.
Only problem wat i have is the function to Extinction map is it not working.
Great plugin,
Players love it with the playtime rewards and daily login rewards with bonus on the 7th day, And the loot box editor makes setting up the config pretty easy.
Players love it, Easy to set up and link custom rewards Items, Dinos, Lootboxes, Shop points even Admin commands like spawn a beacon or a wild giga :D
I love this mod. It makes the servers look great. Anyone else besides me having troubles with cross-chatting over 2 different IP addresses? I'm not sure if the plugin supports it.
Works well, Fast updates / very responsive developer A++
If you have a problem with the Steam ID-based point accumulation system, you can solve it by sharing the folder with each server.
By sharing one folder with each server.
Because data is accumulated in only one place.
You can match points for each map.
Dont support unicode (((
xk me sale la pechera de metal sin poder fabricarla en la herreria
You will need to change the default config that comes with it. As an example the Flak Chest is blocked and many other settings you will need to customize for your own server. The default config is meant as an example of different things you can do with the plugin. Information on all the settings are on the Overview page of this plugin.
Works perfectly. Such a time saver for server admins!
Thank you :)
Works perfectly so far! We had to contact MrSalt for a small issue and he responded, tested, and gave us an answer very quickly.

Nice addition to any server that has altered breeding rates to ensure players can imprint everything without having to sacrifice their RL.
Can I use this after starting the server?
People are already playing and building up
como se istalar esque nose como se pone necesitaria ayuda
I think you are asking how to install the plugin which is the same as any plugin available on the site.

Install ARK: Server API
Copy "ItemsPlus" folder to "ArkApi/Plugins"
not working.Trying all