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Does exactly what its supposed to do, perfectly! FINALLY, Unofficial servers can offer what so many Official players love!
Works great.
Only "bad" thing is the 0-6 day thing is confusing. If i sent "end" to 0, does it end on Saturday night, or, Sunday night?
Would have liked to see a time+day set. Since it runs API, can it check Windows local time and date? That way we can set "Start Monday-Friday 8am to 1pm" ... or whatever.

Works great tho, no issues at all.
Hello, my email is [email protected] I have paid for the purchase. What can I do next?
S+ tek engrams unlocked. Doesn't work properly
did it have any setting for able to tribe member PVP and non tribe member PVE ?
Tenglo cluster 3 mapas y funciona bien, solo había que configurar bien.
like it! also with the @everyone notification if true
i used this plugin to clear some event only dinos from spawning, most of the dinos can be disabled from spawning by doing NPCReplacements=(FromClassName="",ToClassName="") via the game ini anyway i used plugin and modified the config for the event only dinos and set count to 0 and a check interval to 5minutes as there is a few mods which just dont want to behave and still spawn in even when you have disabled them via the game ini, this plugin has been a life saver, i was in the process of writing my own till i found this, thank you for this awsome plugin :) you saved me time and alot of effort :D
this is a very good implementation of a plugin based tribe log relay. it does a very good job of doing what it was designed for. so far it has shown to be easy for players to utilize and admins to setup.
Simple plugin, my players love it!
cant wait the lootbox trading update our cluster setting would match perfectly with this feature :)
Keep getting this error in the logs, any fixes i can use?

03/24/20 16:15 [RconCrossServerChat][error] Config Read Error: Unknown exception
03/24/20 16:15 [RconCrossServerChat][error] Plugin Disabled please add a CrossChatKey
This is not a plugin issue this is a config issue also if you want a better version Buy Advanced Chat i dont really update this anymore although it does still work.
Great Plugin, love it.

Special Limits by Permission would be a great option.

So normal Player 5000
VIP 7500
Admin unlimited
Updating requires shutting down server to update .dll. Unavoidable i guess. Is now working with all maps, but must unload and reload plugin even after restart server. Does occasionally stop working and must unload and reload plugin again to get it working. unsure why.
Never heard of that problem on any kind of plugin. Either it's loaded or it's not. Think you have some issue on the server, can't replicate what you are saying. :)
Good plugin. I messed up and initially had AutoDetectEngrams to true, and all players learned ALL engrams, including all Tek. After changing the setting to false to only learn engrams.txt file ones, everyone still has all Tek. Learning Tek is permanant with this plugin. RIP. - Be careful people.
Hello, I want to know if this plugin supports Chinese
Very good plugin, but is it possible to setup multiple voting keys from the same page?
Works great, responsive support.
I learn how can I give spawned dino

1) This spawn near to me Tamed Argentavis 208 Male
SpawnDino 76561198008311789 Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/Dinos/Argentavis/Argent_Character_BP.Argent_Character_BP' 208 1 0 0 0

2) This spawn near to me Tamed Argentavis 213 Female
SpawnDino 76561198008311789 Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/Dinos/Argentavis/Argent_Character_BP.Argent_Character_BP' 213 2 0 0 0

3) This spawn near to me Wild Bulbdog Female
SpawnDino 76561198008311789 Blueprint'/Game/Aberration/Dinos/LanternPug/LanternPug_Character_BP.LanternPug_Character_BP' 195 0 0 0 0

So I understand odd <level> with pair <tame> i.e.: 213 2, give Female dino;
and pair <level> with odd <tame> ie: 208 1, give Male dino;
finaly odd <level> for female and pair <level> for male for use when spawn wild dinos <o> on <tame> option.