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I'm having some issues and the Discord link is invalid. Can we get an updated link and I can join to try and fix these issues?
Perfect :)
Wild dinosaurs can't be attacked in PVE! This is a fatal defect!
Awesome, will this tool at some point support servers on differente dedicated boxes?
What if the atlas servers are on different servers? how to run automatically and update everything?
for now just start them at the same times and have the automated updates at the same time interval's it works for me
Love it all we need is Admin Cmds plugin ;)
Got it working thank you very much ;)
Works like a charm thanks OwnProx ;)
Thank you so much for making this Michidu ;)
works not sure if its on my end or not but seems all regions map names come up as ocean :/
Works great. Last reviewer probably just couldn't figure out how to create a proper config file. LOL!
so far all works good :D another 5 star product
Love the tool, I like how slim on resources this is actually compared to the arkservermanager, doesn't feel as laggy sometimes(asm is still an awesome tool tho!). One request if you can figure this one out - For some reason it will auto start all servers when opened, even when all the options to update/auto-start are turned off. Any way to fix that?
Perfect reward system for voting the servers
Please update for server api v3.0 gives error during startup after updating to ark api v3.0
Thank's a lot for your neat updates. The Launcher is working pretty good. It's a lot better than doing everything with the batch files manually.
Thank's for your work, really appreciated. :)
Outstanding plugin! Much requested!
Highly suggest this plugin to any server owner looking to grow their server population using voting websites!